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You knew what is mounts the glass?


You knew what is mounts the glass?

The mosaic glass, English EmbroideredGlass, is in the ornamental glass has the capriciousness one kind.It may the colored design glass, the surface blush dim glass, the clear bright glass combine willfully, the secondary metal silk strip separates, matches “the creativity” reasonably, presents the different esthetic sense, even more makes one be infatuated with.

The mosaic glass is uses each metal fillet, the spatial glass sealant lamp material the armored glass, floats the law glass and the colored glass and so on, the process carving, the grinding, the mill, the welding, the clean is dry, crafts and so on seal make upscale artistic glass.

The mosaic glass is by many passes through the fine processing small piece heterogeneous type glass, mounts a beautiful design with the bright bonding jumper, both sides or floats the law glass with the armored glass to seal by the spatial form the design in two glass, constitutes an integrity glass component.Both beautifies the room, and can get up the spatial glass sound-insulated heat insulation effect.Using

Widely applies in the family, the guesthouse, the hotel and the recreation area repair, the decoration.

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