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Why should the church use stained glass windows and doors?


Why should the church use stained glass windows and doors?
For the current market, we also make a reference to the stained glass windows deep introduction.  Stained glass windows and doors is now more use of home improvement in a decorative glass.  Stained glass windows and doors rich images, bedroom in the proper use of stained glass doors and windows, can more comfortable to create a reconcile air, add a romantic seductive modern sentiment.
When it comes to stained glass, most of us think of churches in the first place, why do we use colorful glass so widely in the churches? What significance do they have?
The brightest to use the stained glass is a gothic church, and we know that Gothic architecture is gradually canceled gallery, gallery, side windows to increase the area of ​​the area, until all the churches use large area window.  These windows are tall and large, almost bearing the function of the wall.  The endless window decoration colorful glass effect principle is that when the glass when the light shines, you can form gorgeous dazzling effect.  And the story of the Bible is described in the colorful glass, in order to let the believers know more about what the Bible says.  In the era of electric lights, the nighttime emission of light from the church is another spectacle.  The local legends and myths of some of the churches will also come under their own theme.
The stained glass created the wonderful interior of the church, changed the depressing depressions of the Romanesque architecture due to the lack of lighting, and expressed the aspirations of the devotees to heaven.  The colors most commonly used in pre-church are red and blue, the red is the blood of Christ, and the blue is the kingdom of heaven.

To sum up, the stained glass in the church has two main purposes. One is to express the biblical story through stained glass inlaid like a devout.  Second, on the basis of useful decoration for the saints to create gorgeous dazzling, subtle effects.
In modern times, colorful mosaic glass not only appeared in the church, but also used in many general buildings. Now it has been widely used domestically and internationally for hotels, clubs, art and even families.  Recognized by the masses who are constantly added.  We wait for the colorful glass not only in the church more in the modern day we play an increasingly old, excellent, innovative art useful results.
Different types of church glass equipment is not the same, in the process of equipment, the need to grasp the specific equipment process, assuming that the equipment is not correct, it will constitute a corresponding impact on its use.  In the process of equipment, equipment personnel need equipment corresponding process to operate.
First and foremost, before setting up the church glass, measure and measure the windows of the required equipment. What is the standard? The glass of the church needs to be cut to ensure that the church glass can be properly installed without any gaps. Suppose There are gaps, not only affects the beautiful, together, any little mistake, will affect its use.
Second, in the process of equipment, to grasp the specific equipment of the second, you need to first equipment Han, and then equipment Han, we must make it clear, to figure out in the future, and then decide what equipment.  Together, you also need to be careful about the image inversion, to speak of the image.
After all, the equipment work is over in the future, need to conduct an inspection, confession without any doubt in the future, as the church glass equipment work all over.  Together, the equipment, but also according to the different images are not the same choice of equipment, advanced artistic, but also can reduce the time of equipment.
In the equipment church glass, you can follow the above process to operate.  In the equipment, be careful to make all the preparatory work done to ensure that the equipment goes well.
There are currently two types of painted glass doors and windows on the market. One is through the use of modern digital technology to output colorful images on film or PP paper, paintings of works of art and flat glass through the industrial glue to glue together, glorified, In the arrival of the beautiful together to strengthen the functions such as explosion-proof, and widely used in home sliding door (sliding doors), the same transparent, translucent, impermeable effect, the image can be customized.  Color can be free to deploy, security and more features are not easy to create the same sensitivity.  Its interests are simple operation, the price is cheap; shortcomings are simple fade, the time insisted not lasting.
There is also a comparison of the traditional skills is pure hand-painted stained glass doors and windows skills, stained glass windows and colorful glass the biggest difference is in a “painted” on the word.  This kind of stained glass doors and windows calcined by several times is not easy to fade, and can set a variety of images, the color contrast beautiful.
This stained glass doors and windows made of windows and doors,DomeUsed more and more decoration work.  Attributed to the high art.
Due to the extreme diversity of methods of glass daylighting and the presence and diversion of roofing structures, the details of the sealing detail are mixed and varied. The sealing details refer to the sealing shape of the seam (lapped,

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