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Where are toughened glass doors and windows generally used


Where are toughened glass doors and windows generally used 

There are many types of glass, which play an important role in various industries.In addition to the insulating glass and laminated glass used for making doors and windows, we also have many kinds of artistic decorations, such as hot-melt glass and embossed glass, and what you want to know about toughened glass doors and windows.

Where are tempered glass doors and windows generally used

  1. Windows for buildings with 7 floors and above;
  2. Window glass with an area of more than 1.5m2 or French window with glass bottom edge less than 500mm from decoration surface;
  3. Curtain wall (except full glass curtain);
  4. Inclined assembly window, all kinds of ceiling (including skylight, daylighting roof), ceiling;
  5. Sightseeing elevator and its enclosure;
  6. Interior partition, bathroom enclosure and screen;
  7. The balustrade of stairs, balconies and platform corridors, and the interior board of atrium;
  8. A floor panel for supporting pedestrian walking;
  9. Observation windows and observation holes of aquarium and swimming pool;
  10. The entrance and exit, hall and other parts of public buildings;
  11. Other parts of the body that are easily damaged by impact



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