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What are the classification of the glass roof of the glass roof?


What are the classification of the glass roof of the glass roof?

Glass roof Glass lighting top The main categories are the following: /
1, the single glass lighting is divided into: single slope, double slope, three slope (Mitsubishi cone), four slope (including the Mitsubishi cone), half Park, 1/4 Park, polygon cones, garden cone, garden dome.
2, the group of glass lighting roof: is a roof system, by a number of individual glass lighting roof structure in the support system combined into a group of glass lighting top, its form can be freely changed.
3, Siamese glass lighting top: is composed of several kinds of glass lighting roof and glass curtain wall with a common bar into a whole glass roof and wall system, you can design hundreds of different shapes of glass lighting roof.
4, glass mosaic aluminum lighting roof: aluminum alloy frame lighting structure most of the roof is composed of inclined or horizontal aluminum alloy box mounted on the glass and aluminum plate with a fixed clamping glass, the top of the glass lighting roof Cover the envelope components, the grid itself is fixed on the load-bearing structure, which passed the top of the lighting weight, wind load, snow load.  Sash significantly on the surface of the building outside, forming a unique architectural effect.  Glass roof lighting aluminum profiles long to go through the sun and rain, the oxide film on the aluminum surface of the higher requirements, generally 15μ (AA15) is better.  This lighting top aluminum profile requirements vary due to the shape, profile section design to be reasonable, to consider drainage, or easy to leak.
5, aluminum alloy hidden frame glass lighting roof: This glass roof with the structural glass hidden glass curtain wall technology for the development of glass roof.  This is the latest aluminum glass lighting roof.  Hidden frame glass lighting top As a result of the structural glass assembly method, there is no need to hold the fixed glass with a plate, the glass surface does not protrude the aluminum surface of the glass rod member, thus making the top surface of the lighting to form a flat (no aluminum extrusion Objects) surface, so that the rain flow smooth down, from the appearance point of view like a whole piece of glass to form a spectacular scene of this glass lighting, glass is not embedded in the aluminum, but with structural adhesive attached to the aluminum production The frame, the structural sealant is a glass-fixed adhesive.  At the same time also sealed the glass roof.  Glass bonding can only use silicone structural adhesive, can not be replaced with other plastic.
This hidden frame glass lighting production requirements very strict.  Such as structural adhesive positioning double-sided tape, glass, aluminum for compatibility and adhesive properties of the test, the adhesive surface of the aluminum oxide film ≥ μ (AA15).  Adhesive surface to be special cleaning treatment, bonding temperature, humidity requirements.  Regardless of the bright box or hidden frame glass roof, glass sealed with a sealant, the seal is not good to leak, which is the common glass skylight.  When playing sealant can not rain, can not fight in the winter temperature is about zero.


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