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The relationship between stained glass windows and walls


The relationship between stained glass windows and walls

Background wall, Wang Wenheng is living in the bedroom as the scenery of the wall.  It used to be often mixed with TV, audio, etc., appeared in the living room, study, but increasingly personalized personalized trend of the bedroom, pure decorative wall effect appeared in the room all the grudges, looks and methods colorful.  It can be said that the living room wall now is not a space supporting role, and some fresh style, alone into the painting of the background wall and even become the highlight of the room’s most brilliant.  With the increasing level of human life, the index of the day is also progressing, and gradually painted glass doors and windows instead of the traditional wall appears in everyone’s vision.

Stained glass, stained glass, inlaid glass, church glass, art glass production of a higher aesthetic planning and technical and technological skills, especially large stained glass windows and doors are usually up to 10 meters or tens of meters, the request for information, skills high.  The installation of the stained-glass window is not actually for the inside of the building to be able to see through the outside, so the flower windows, especially the large flower windows, actually act as the wall of the background and are the transparent walls.

Stained-glass window drawings may be concrete and geometric drawings.  Character modeling usually includes Bible stories, saints miracles, local protection legend, literature and prehistoric stories and so on.  In modern architecture, the windows outside the church have many themes.  For example, lecture hall stained glass windows may be science, art as the primary vocabulary, the Congress of Stained Glass windows may contain, national emblem, royal coat of arms or constituency badge.

Planners who use the bright glass, refraction characteristics, the glass roof with natural light and a variety of lights clever link, creating a blurred artistic dream effect.  The porch is full of metallic stained glass, which can express the cold texture of metal in natural light. Set spotlights in front of stained-glass mosaic glass wall to make the stained glass itself have a special three-dimensional appearance under the light.

Originally the most simple and unobtrusive, according to the needs of room owners, in an instant evolved into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, a variety of natural colors.  No wonder planners called stained glass the most weird, enchanting decorative element.  The most useful part of the difference between the space fun painting painted art is not mosaic glass; embroidered pillows, painted Glass dome Not only looks beautiful, rational use in the home environment, in the planning and the construction of the bedroom organic, but also can play a difference between the effect of space.  Because compared with other unscrupulous data, stained glass can not only separate space, but also outstanding permeability, so colorful art glass mosaic glass is usually used as a screen, porch and other spacers.  Painted tessellated glass can also be used as a wall of civilization in home furnishing, and colorful painted church glass can be harmonized with many types of home environments.  Together, because of the strong expressiveness of the stained glass, the hot-bending properties of the glass allow it to make irregular shapes such as bends and radians. These colorful painted art glass increase the space interest and visual impact of the home.

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