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The colored glass forms the principle and the use


The colored glass forms the principle and the use

Not only glass insightful bright, moreover the intensity and degree of hardness very are all high, is in the daily production and the life the indispensable one material.The glass type is rich, except common floats outside the law glass, the armored glass, but also has the hot melt glass, the doubling glass, the frosted glass and so on has the special performance variety.The wish understood the colored glass forms the principle and the use, read off this article to know.

First, the colored glass forms the principle and the use     The colored glass after the clear glass smashing one kind of glass which is made with the special craft dyeing.The colored glass already existed in the ancient times, ground to the scrap with the colored glass, might use for to do painting.   When the glass coloration is as a result of the visible light penetration glass, the different wave length penetration degree different produces. The light absorption which the reason is the dissolution the light absorption which causes in the glass transition metal ion either the rare-earth metal ion electron transition or disperses in the glass assumes which the colloid shape the element either the compound corpuscle microsome chromatic dispersion and the absorption or the radioactive rays and so on the illumination has the coloring center causes and so on.The colored glass widely uses in the vessel, the sunglasses, the medicine glass or the manufactured item and so on, specially the light filter and the signal light use the glass.The colored glass also may pave the way for, the shop becomes the colored skid resistant deceleration road surface lasting quality is greatly the enhancement, moreover the color gorgeous degree is higher than the use granite or the quartz sand takes the aggregate the tradition colored skid-proof surface.



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