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The artistic crustification glass is any


The artistic crustification glass is any
The glass is in our daily life contacts and the use goods frequently, from the drinking glass this kind of daily necessities to a glass curtain wall kind of construction decoration material, the glass has made the enormous contribution for the world civilization development.For example we heard frequently the flexible screen also wants the glass, commonly used also wants the glass in the manufacture flexible screen, the performance outstanding.Will meet down us to be simple introduced the artistic crustification glass will be any.

First, the artistic crustification glass is any
Colored Glass is an ancient art originating from the Middle Ages in Europe. It is made by hand and inlaid with metal. Using a mosaic process, colored glass with different colors and textures and metal strips of different materials are hand inlaid together to form a variety of styles and patterns, which are combined with the hollow toughened glass of the outer two layers, insulating glass has replaced the traditional single-layer glass. It not only beautifies the living room and environment, but also acts as insulation and insulation.

The ornamental glass is day by day widespread in use general. The mosaic glass is restricted in lives at home and the public place windows and doors, the ceiling, the screen, the room partition, the colored glass, the lamps and lanterns wall and so on, also uses in the interior decoration. The modern architecture is different with the song special apex arch-type construction, the wall many is a plane, this widely provided has displayed the space for the colored glass wall, the design design may let the people display the individuality. In West, modern colored crustification glass wall style many for abstractionist school or expressionism. Is similar in the church colored glass, the colored mosaic glass wall may let the people use the color, the design to express own thought and the desire. Simultaneously it will also beautify the metropolis. Causes the people to see is not merely a place glass building, but is a stained glass picture.

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