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The armored glass maintenance has the know-how to increase the service life


The armored glass maintenance has the know-how to increase the service life

   The armored glass has become one of modern furniture commonly used materials.Says relatively, the armored glass has the wearability, easy to clean the merit, adds the glass face smoothly exquisite, deeply populace’s welcome.But if does not carry on the good maintenance in the use process to it, then the armored glass furniture is unable to maintain original luminous.

The armored glass furniture maintains the small method practical

In the room area small room, is suitable for to select the armored glass furniture, because of the glass permeability, may reduce spatial the oppression feeling, in the past the people always thought the armored glass furniture enable the human not to have the security sense.Now, not only especially used in the family decoration the glass material in thickness, the transparency obtained the breakthrough, caused the glass manufacture the furniture to have at the same time the reliability and the usability, and has poured into the artistic effect in the manufacture, enabled the glass furniture while to display the furniture usable, had the decoration to beautify the room the effect.

When plate glass heating close softening point, cools rapidly in the glass surface, causes the elastic strain to distribute in the glass surface, but directs the tensile stress in the central level.Because has the formidable equal elastic strain, causes to direct the tensile stress which the external pressure produces, is offset by the glass formidable elastic strain, increase glass use degree of security.Tempered glass intensity approximately for simple glass 5 times.When glass by external force destruction, becomes the pisolite big pellet, reduces to the human body injury.May bear the temperature to change (example 5mm tempered glass rapidly, may bear of temperature change approximately 200 degree scope).

Usually do not have to make an effort the collision glass face, for guards against the glass face to blow the flower, best spreads out the table cloth.Puts the thing when the glass furniture, must handle with care, prohibit collision.When daily clean, with wet towel or newspaper cleaning then, in case the stain available towel dips the beer or the tepid food vinegar cleaning, moreover also may use the glass cleansing agent which in the market sells, envies is clean with the acid-base strong solution.The glass surface easy rime, the available cloth to dip the strong brine or the white liquor in the winter cleans, the effect is very good.Once had the pattern ground-glass dirty, available dipped has the cleanser toothbrush, was drawing a circle along the pattern to clean then removes.

The glass furniture best imposition the place which decides in a monopoly, do not have back and forth to move at will; Must lay aside the thing steadily, the heavy thing should lay aside the glass furniture base, prevented the furniture center of gravity creates not steadily reverses.Moreover, must avoid moistly, is far away the fire pivot, must with chemical reagent isolation and so on the acid, alkali, prevent the corrosion deterioration.In addition, also may the drop out point petroleum or dips Shui Tu on the glass with the chalk ash and the plaster of Paris to air dry on the glass, again uses the clean cloth or the cotton scratches, such glass both clean and bright.



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