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Фарқи байни шиша ва булӯр дар чист


Фарқи байни шиша ва булӯр дар чист
The workmanship of crystal clear crystal products is very delicate. Its brilliant crystal light, streamlined design, crystal texture and sound will bring great joy to your sight, hearing, taste and touch.
You can not only buy it as a decoration, but also as some daily necessities, becoming a good helper in life. If you prepare a set of colorful champagne glasses and use it to hold a glass of juice in summer, it must be cold from your heart. You can also prepare a few transparent condiment bottles with unique charm. Even if you don’t contain condiments and just decorate, they are also very charming. They will make your summer cool with romance. andGlass productsThe same effect can be achieved, so what is the difference between glass and crystal?
The appearance of glass and crystal are very similar, but they are two completely different substances. The main differences are as follows:
1.Different materials
2.Crystal is a crystalline body of silica, and glass is just a molten mixture containing silica.
2. Different efficacy
Glass only has a decorative function. In addition to the decorative function, crystal also has a piezoelectric effect, which has a special health care function.
3. Different prices
The high-quality crystal looks clear and translucent to the light. There are no small bubbles and no water lines inside, so it is expensive. Бинобар ин, the quality of the crystal is closely related to the price.
4. Different physical properties
(1) Crystal is a crystalline body with high hardness (Mohs level 7), while the hardness of glass is low (Mohs level 5.5). Crystals can make marks on the glass, but not vice versa.
(2) The crystal is a crystalline body with good thermal conductivity, and it will feel cold when touched with the tip of the tongue. The glass is warm.
(3) It is distinguished by polarizing lens, crystal can transmit light, but glass cannot.
(4) The high-quality crystal looks clear and translucent to the light. There are no small bubbles and no water lines inside, so it is expensive. Бинобар ин, the quality of the crystal is closely related to the price.
(5) The processing technology is different. The glass can be formed by heat casting, which saves materials and labor and has low cost. Crystal is a crystalline body and cannot be reversed after being heated and melted, so hot casting cannot be used, but cold working methods such as cutting and grinding can only be used.

Identification of glass and crystal
1. Wipe or wash the crystal crafts you want to identify. After they are dry, touch the crafts with the tip of your tongue. If there is a cold feeling, it is a crystal product, if there is a warm feeling, it is a glass product. During the test, try not to hold the sample with your hands or place the sample near a heat source (in the sun, by the stove), so as to avoid errors caused by the temperature rise of the sample.
2. Use a magnifying glass to observe the handicraft. In the glass, there are often swirling or arc-shaped lines caused by uneven melting, but there is absolutely no crystal. Дар Илова, there are often many bubbles in glass and few in crystal.
3. For the crystal ball, you can put it on the newspaper, and look at the newspaper below from the top of the crystal ball. If it is a real crystal, the writing on the newspaper will have double shadows. AsGlass product(Including crystal glass), there is always only one image of the handwriting on the newspaper.

4. For crystal glasses, it can be checked in a polarizer. Adjust the polarizer to the orthogonal position. At this time, the field of view is completely black, and then put the crystal glasses between the upper and lower polarizers. The lens and the polarizer should not be strictly parallel. You can tilt it slightly to make the lens and the polarizer have one Cross the angle, and then rotate the glasses lens. If it is made of real crystal crafts, there will be obvious brightness changes in the field of view. Барои намуна, when it is always dark when rotating, the spectacle lens is a glass product or crystal glass (glass made of low-quality crystal).
5. When traveling, the polarizer is inconvenient to carry. You can bring two polarizers (or two smallest polarizers for photography) with a diameter of less than 40mm. During the measurement, one person holds the two polarizers to make them orthogonal and completely black. Another person holds the spectacle lens in his hand and rotates it between the two polarizers. If there is a significant brightness change, it is a real crystal product, and if the darkness does not change, it is a glass product.

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