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Хусусияти шишагии зиреҳ


Хусусияти шишагии зиреҳ

Armored glass: Through the heating and the sharp quenching processing glass, causes the glass surface to present the even compressed stress, the interior presents the even tensile stress, thus causes the glass the flexibility to be better, the intensity increases the several fold.Vivid saying, armored glass on undersurface on elephant toward middle contraction spring network, but internal intermediate level then toward the outside opens likely the spring net, is stretched start in the glass curving time outside surface spring, but like this it can the curving bigger radian not break, this is tough and the intensity origin.Because if some kind of reason destroyed the net armored glass which this, flared out weighs to be able to disintegrate bursts the dependents pellet.

The armored glass has following characteristic:

Security: The armored glass intensity is simple glass 3-4 time, after stave assumes slightly granulated, after may stave crash destructiveness the glass which or the splash creates to fall to slightly, therefore belongs to the safety glass.

Thermostability: The armored glass has the very good thermostability, may have 200℃ the temperature difference on the identical piece glass not to produce heat generation blasting open.

Shortcoming: The existence from explodes the phenomenon, also the armored glass the phenomenon which bursts in the nature laying aside condition, simultaneously the steel processing process can affect the glass smoothness.

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