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Stained glass windows in the eyes of believers


Stained glass windows in the eyes of believers

Faithful eyesStained glass doors and windows

Danner wrote passionately in Art Philosophy: From PaintingsGlass domeIn the light into the blood into the red color, become purple rock and topaz Huasheng, become a group Tsui surrounded by the mystery of the flame, strange lighting, like open to heaven’s window.  The church is the closest place to God and soul.

Whether it is the building or the air are all with solemn solemn sublime.  The stained glass windows bring happiness to this dull and suppressed place, and the glass skylight has made all the churches more alive.  Round roses stained glass windows symbolize paradise, you can see in the glass there are endless saints in heaven.  When everyone walks into the church, not only does it feel like heaven can be felt in Heaven, but it is as inaccessible to heaven.

When you look down on tall windows, they see more than just these biblical stories, but also the infinite phenomena of colorful lights and black lines.  In the solemn chapel, looking down at the stained-glass windows with adoration, the bright sunshine, through the colorful glass, becomes a soft, luminous light on the face of the believer.  Xin to glass products

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