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Stained glass vaulted glass is how to create?


Stained glass vaulted glass is how to create?

Stained glass – manufacturing process painting Glass dome
Today there are two main stained glass, one is the use of modern digital technology through the industrial sticky glue composition, a pure hand-painted traditional methods.  It can be colored glass painting, but also colorless glass painting, is the glass As a canvas, the use of extra paint, paint the future, and then low-temperature firing will be able to, the pattern will not fall, longer durability, no need to worry about being acid corrosion, and also easy to clean.

Its manufacturing process is not particularly messy, first go to the mall to purchase reinforced glass professional library, and then through the computer software to handle and control the desired picture, and then is through some digital painting printing equipment for painting, and strengthen the use of Dedicated ink on the color, combined with a special film, you can make a very ordinary glass becomes lively and interesting.  Modern painting methods do not have to oven, and save time, do not need a canvas, you can always end beautiful picture painting.


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