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Stained glass products introduction


Stained glass products introduction

Stained glass products, stained glass windows and doors
About stained glass products called: there is no specific title is made of lead can be called “lead stained glass” “mosaic glass” “color mosaic glass” “church glass” “stained glass” “Tiffany glass “And so on, not the lead is made of copper foil, also called” church glass “” stained glass “” art inlay glass “” Tiffany flat glass “” art inlay glass “and so on.
Church glass: In fact, Tiffany flat glass and hand-painted and inlay and other technology combined with a glass plate.  One of them is based on the stories and representative figures in the New Testament and the New Testament, which are displayed through different designs.  For example: Nativity, Jesus Christ, Last Supper, Prayer of Gethsemane, Calvary Cross, etc. Bible stories.  There is also the most representative church of the “rose window.”  Some of them, including some face, hand, foot and other places to use glass paint carefully described repeated roasting made.  Consists of several different processes.  It can also include some of the works that pass emulation celebrities.  For example: Leonardo da Vinci’s “Madonna”, “Madonna in the rock cave” “Madonna of Lactation”, Michelangelo’s frescoes “Doomsday Trial” “Genesis” and other local highlights of the scene to paint to show.
There are some church glass does not have this type of bible story and pattern display, these products to fine lines or smooth beautiful pattern for the background of the shading, and some with lead or copper inlaid, and some just copper foil edge Welding, etc., are also widely used in various types of Christian churches, catholic chimney windows or decorative windows.

Lead stained glass, the original glass thickness of about 3 mm, the middle of the black lead, lead or copper bars around the thickness of about 7 mm.  Such products are generally based on white embossed glass, withMulticolored GlassPatterns, many foreign chapel, villa windows are also widely used.  There are many images in our website album.  Soft lead bending is better, to do the bending of the pattern fit the role, but are generally common in smooth and simple pattern.  We export such products is relatively large.  Copper bars only for the product line and the outer linear straight frame can do, or part of the curved line can do, not 100% made of copper.
The complexity of the pattern and the color of the glass, as well as the craft of the product, can all result in different prices.  We generally want to see the choice of patterns, size.  Larger size, although the pattern looks simple, but the loss is the largest.  Picture pattern is more complicated, the more varieties of color the more expensive the price.  More cutting into a round glass or more beads is more expensive.  There is a very special product, which looks very simple but is the hardest one to do.  We generally will be based on customer selection of those products or prices, to provide similar style products for selection.
Painted art glass screen, Tiffany glass plate, church glass, etc., usually more than 1 square meter in square meters, generally according to the size of the customer and the design and selection of the design and production to design.  The company also has many physical pictures for customers to choose and reference.
The complexity of the pattern and the color of the glass, as well as the craft of the product, can all result in different prices.

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