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Stained glass doors and windows domestic and foreign markets


Stained glass doors and windows domestic and foreign markets

With the domestic construction of stained glass windows and doors, the curtain wall mall need to quickly add foreign companies to participate in domestic shopping malls, domestic stained glass doors and windows, curtain wall companies and domestic human capital and other advantages are also active in developing the world’s shopping malls, {TodayHot} career unprecedented world market trends Yulai Stronger  Expert analysis, the next few years, aluminum curtain wall and window occupation will gradually develop into a silent period, Xinneng glass products market gradually show eight trends.

1, windows, all the curtain wall mall will continue to adhere to the steady increase of the trend.  Now that building occupations has become a hot and economic addiction to our country, domestic needs will gradually be added to the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, the western and northeastern provinces, by the country’s urban transformation and subway construction, aluminum painted Glass doors and windows, curtain wall mall will continue to adhere to add.

2, large-scale companies constitute the structure of secondary shopping malls.  Now, the fenestration occupation constitutes more than 100 large companies as the mainstay, the backbone of the company more than 50 billion yuan output represented by the technology innovation system.  Complete all occupational national key projects for industrial output of these large companies with about 50% industrial output, project city image, city landmark, {HotTag} foreign engineering and construction projects abroad, and establish an outstanding mall image for all occupations , Into a professional and technical innovation, brand excellence, shopping malls to carry out the primary force.

3, after the energy-saving guidelines, the domestic aluminum curtain wall and windows will have a greater change in commodity structure.  Aluminum curtain wall is still exposed frame, hiding the framework, according to the aluminum curtain wall, the modular wall in the big city has a good prospects, aluminum double, smart, sunblock walls will be sophisticated and perfect.  Aluminum stained glass windows and doors in the construction of stained glass windows and doors will still share more than 55% of the larger portfolio changes.  Affected countries to build momentum guidelines and dynamic crisis, energy saving and environmental protection ratio The use of aluminum stained glass windows and doors, the curtain wall will be greatly improved.

4, environmental protection, energy saving will open the window companies to carry out the theme.  2008 Beijing Olympic Games “green Olympics, science and technology Olympics, humanistic Olympics” three concepts, the Olympic project will inevitably be a high standard of green projects.  With the arrival of well-to-do life, consumers’ living environment is getting higher and higher demands.  Green Spending has become the dominant mall leader in building green consumer spending concepts, bringing an endless green business opportunities.  Therefore, to meet the green needs of consumers, the development of high-tech, high-tech eco-building walls, stained glass doors and windows, not only from the construction of shape, wall, painted Glass dome As well as their basic physical function costs and other aspects of thinking, but also to make the curtain wall design, stained glass doors and windows process and ecological environment of the wall, stained glass windows and doors can have an outstanding function to reduce the pollution of the environment, everyone Create a comfortable environment.

5, aluminum curtain wall and windows commodity difference is small, competition is more intense.  Aluminum stained glass windows and doors, curtain wall mall more competitive.  As the fenestration profession has entered a start-up stage, a fierce competition, resulting in the now low-profit company.  The construction of stained glass windows and doors mall goods increasingly lucrative, composed of aluminum, plastic, wood, steel four materials as the basis of a variety of shopping malls, new materials, new technologies will have more new products, aluminum stained glass windows and doors, curtain wall products and other Career ratio, product differentiation is small, more intense competition.

6, credit crunch, the company’s plan will show the “Matthew effect” impact.  The macroeconomic regulation and control policy of our country shrank, the credit of banks was tightened, the interest rate hike in banks led to a vicious competition environment, and project lending was more severe.  As the government requested all construction units to provide agricultural workers’ wage protection system and improve the construction site of field roads and occupy part of cash flow policy, the cash flow of the Company decreased and the difficulty of adding liquidity was added.  On the one hand, larger companies are more likely to add the possibility of opening their doors to larger projects. The development of small and medium-sized companies is relatively difficult. On the other hand, small and medium-sized companies can find their own “fast lane” Add capital turnover.

7, product development and technological innovation will become the company’s central competition.  The development of commodities is more rational and leads to a comprehensive analysis of many elements, local needs of human culture, economic development, and energy conservation and environmental protection according to the characteristics of the climate. The introduction of advanced technologies and materials for product development will be introduced.  Glass lighting top

8, competition and the planning of the world.  Occupation constitutes a group, planning the trend of professional associations tight binding downstream.  Straight Combine: Combine Capital, Raw Materials, Production and Installation of Curtain Wall Manufacturers; Horizontal Integration: The competition enables some companies to recognize the importance of collaboration and to work together to assist in the exploration and development of malls, and also to help companies make the most of limited capital And advantages, both inside and outside, insist on competition, form a coalition and work together.

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