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Почему стеклянная ненесущая стена используется во всем мире?


Почему стеклянная ненесущая стена используется во всем мире?

Стеклянные навесные стены для вас не новость. Вы можете увидеть много офисных зданий, коммерческие здания и исторические здания с использованием стеклянных навесных стен при прогулке по улице. В наше время, много магазинов, виллы и гостиничные номера также предпочитают использовать стеклянные ненесущие стены. по факту, even the sunshine room we often contact belongs to a kind of glass curtain wall,In modern urban architecture, glass curtain wall is gradually becoming the aesthetic mainstream

  glass screen wallThe origin of development

СтаканРазработка и применение стекла в раннем периоде можно разделить на следующие этапы: непрерывное развитие стекла в ранний период готической улицы, разработка стеклянной ненесущей стены, применение стеклянной навесной стены в ранний период готического строительства, Развитие стеклянной навесной стены и применение стекла в раннем периоде можно разделить на следующие этапы: непрерывное развитие стеклянной стены в ранний период готической улицы, the development of glass curtain wall and its application in the following stages: непрерывное развитие стекла в ранний период готической улицы, the development of glass curtain wall and its application in the

The internationally recognized early application of glass curtain wall is the Harold building in San Francisco, USA, which was designed by Willis Jefferson Polk and built in 1918. It adopts reinforced concrete structure, and the glass curtain wall is hung on the cantilever cement slab which extends 3 feet out of the axis of the external wall. It has all the characteristics of modern building curtain wall: withGlass panelCompared with the main structure, the structural system supporting the glass panel has a certain deformation capacity and does not bear the action of the main structure

After the reform and opening up, with the increasingly frequent exchanges with foreign countries, some foreign advanced construction technology and technology are gradually introduced into China, and the building curtain wall technology has been greatly developed in China. В 1981, первый кусок стеклянной ненесущей стены появился на фасаде выставочного зала Canton Fair, который имеет характеристики современной стеклянной ненесущей стены, и может быть использован в качестве начала эпохи стеклянных ненесущих стен Китая

WHy используются стеклянные ненесущие стены?

Наружная стена не только пальто здания, но и душа здания. Это внешнее выражение архитектурного стиля. Как своего рода красивый и простой в использовании дизайнерский материал, glass makes many designers rely on glass to create aesthetic feeling in their design. We can also find that there are more and more glass curtain wall buildings around us,Например, it can create empty inspiration and extension

Office buildings and other high-rise office buildings have a high demand for natural lighting, and glass curtain wall lighting is very good. The design of glass curtain wall will make the interior of the building more open when the light is sufficient in the daytime. The glass curtain wall is atmospheric enough and clear enough to see the outside scenery, so that people can enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy life in a transparent space, which brings people a sense of visual and spiritual comfort

Аdvantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wall performance

Glass curtain wall is composed of glass and inert gasHollow glassThe insulating glass is divided into two layers and three layers. The two-layer insulating glass is composed of two layers of glass and sealing frame to form a sandwich space; the three-layer glass is composed of three layers of glass to form two sandwich spaces. The insulating glass has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, anti frosting, moisture-proof, increased daylighting and strong wind pressure resistance

Glass curtain wall also has some limitations, such as light pollution, high energy consumption and so onCoated glassОднако, with the development of glass curtain wall technology and the continuous emergence of new material technology, the materials used in glass curtain wall can solve the problems of light pollution and energy consumption

Main problems in the use of glass curtain wall

The safety problem should be paid attention to after the glass curtain wall is actually used. The glass curtain wall is damaged, cracked or even dropped off due to long-term use, and the falling debris will hurt passers-by. This kind of accident has indeed happened, and there are more than one case. по факту, there have been many housing and urban rural development departmentsдверьRelevant notice has been issued to restrict the use of glass curtain wall, pointing out that large area use is not allowed without special use requirements, among which special requirements refer to public buildings such as airports and theatres, office buildings and hotels

There is also the problem of cost. Compared with the traditional ceramic tile structure, стеклянная ненесущая стена дороже. Через год после того, как проект навесной стены завершен и принят, необходимо провести комплексную проверку проекта навесной стены, а затем каждые пять лет,В практическом применении, цена осмотра и обслуживания стеклянной ненесущей стены не низкая. Однако, сенсорное наслаждение и повышение ценности здания, обеспечиваемые стеклянной ненесущей стеной, также выходят за рамки традиционной структуры керамической плитки


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