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Инкрустированное стекло - одно из первых стеклянных изделий, обнаруженных в Китае.


Инкрустированное стекло - одно из первых стеклянных изделий, обнаруженных в Китае.

In the middle and late Warring States period, glass Dragonfly eyes quickly developed into common objects, and many typical Chinese style glass objects also appeared. The technology of inlaid glass beads in glass beads is very complicated and the appearance is very beautiful. Its appearance and development are not only related to the trade between China and Western Asia in the early stage,And with the emergence and development of China’s glass industry has a direct relationship

ancient inlaid glass beads

Inlaid glass is one of the earliest glass products discovered in China. Some scholars have carefully investigated the cross-sections of more than ten ancient inlaid glass beads and found that no matter whether the embedded pattern units are simple or complex, each glass inlay of different colors is independently spherical. This phenomenon cannot be explained by the above methods. Следовательно, many people think that when making this kind of glass beads,Instead of making glass with different colors into concentric circle pattern units, the glass frits of different colors are drawn into filaments of different diameters and cut into thin slices, and the large single color glass thin section is pressed onto the glass bead matrix. After being integrated with the matrix, the glass is heated, baked and softened, and then embedded into smaller thin sections of other colors,No matter which process is used, the craftsman must have a good grasp of the relationship between temperature and glass softening. As each step of bead making is completely manual operation, the finished product is not neat, and it is almost impossible to find two identical inlaid glass beads

The value ofis determined by its complicated process

The Tibetan people on the Tibetan Plateau still love this kind of inlaid glass bead handed down from generation to generation. A beautiful inlaid glass bead can be replaced by a big yak. According to archaeological data, the inlaid glass bead appeared in the Central Plains about the end of the spring and Autumn period and the beginning of the Warring States period, and then continued until the Western Han Dynasty,Although the periods of the late spring and Autumn period and the early Warring States period and the middle and late Warring States period are closely related, there are obvious differences in the quantity, patterns and chemical composition of the inlaid beads in the two periods

The end of the spring and Autumn period and the beginning of the Warring States PeriodСтеклянная мозаикаMost of the beads are spherical, but irregular, some look like flat square or flat drum. The size of beads is small. InlayСтаканThe mother colors of beads are mostly blue, green and orange. Sometimes the blue is light blue, sometimes dark blue. The mother glass is translucent. But in this period, the patterns used for inlaying beads are very simple. Most of the patterns are concentric circles. по факту, the patterns and the number of beads are different,Однако, this irregular design just makes the concentric circle and the mother body form one body. As most of the inlaid glass beads unearthed in the late spring and Autumn period appear in noble tombs, the composition is the same as those in Western Asia, and they contain sodium calcium glass, and the appearance is similar. All scholars think that the inlaid glass beads in this period should be mainly imported from abroad


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