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Как снимает стеклоцемент? Эти методы стоит использовать!


Как снимает стеклоцемент? Эти методы стоит использовать!

В семье при ремонте или необходимости приклеить в каком-то месте семейный клеем стеклоцемент., Часто легко не быть осторожным, когда капля стекловолокна на пол из керамической плитки. Керамическая плитка довольно легко сдувает цветок, then how on the ceramic tile glass cement does remove? 1улица, in view of the solidification glass cement, has not processed easy relatively somewhat, so long as with family’s in cleanser, then spurts the glass cement the place, waited for slightly several minutes used the cleaning rag to be able again to wipe are clean. 2й, if were the glass cement which already solidified, with the one-sided bit or the art designing knife, blew except also is gently can remove the glass cement, but had to pay attention, because with the art designing knife might the ceramic tile on glass cement elimination, but in use time had to be extremely careful, blew gently, otherwise could the easy abrasion ceramic tile glazed surface, affect ceramic tile artistic. 3й, wet towel cleaning: When almost processes, moistens a diluent with the wet towel gently to scratch several well, like this could not destroy ceramic the glazed surface moreover not to be able to destroy the brick body surface surface the beautiful impression. 4го, organic solvent: If were the glass cement which quite difficult to remove, or was already sticks very for a long time very difficult to remove, might use some organic solvents, like the ethyl alcohol, the gasoline and so on, dissolved the glass cement. Because on the ceramic tile glass cement processes relatively difficult somewhat, therefore in gives the house repair or is needs to use on the glass cement, may in the ceramic tile upper berth the newspaper and so on, guard against the glass cement to get so far as on the ceramic tile to need further to eliminate. As the present most common construction building materials with the bondglass cement in, very many users can compare the puzzle a matter is, is not sticks on the glass, is sticks above the clothing and other things, then the question has come, how eliminates? How removes sticks the glass cement does not keep a trace on the glass?On the glass has pasted the gummed paper, after ripped has gotten down, on the glass has left behind rubber, mounted, after exposed to the sun can send out one to the noon by the sun the rubber fetid odor, Wen Jiu has all hurt.Like this gets down is not good, but how removes on the glass that matter rubber? Вообще говоря, mainly has following 6 to be possible to supply the user pointed to the neutrality, the acidity and other glass cement carries on the confirmation use, the method is different from person to person oh, but, definitely is can remove the glass cement! 1улица, may use on the hot water cloth wu hot glass first the rubber, quickly uses the one-sided rubber to moisten before it’s too late tightens it, if then blows the rubber head with the small bit to stick to the one-sided rubber slowly to lag behind together. 2й, moistens with the cleaning rag has the cleanser toothbrush or the pot gauze, is drawing a circle along the glass on rubber to clean, simultaneously puts the strip cleaning rag on toothbrush under, prevented the sewage drops. 3й, with the organic solvent or the industrial alcohol, or high potency liquor Shui Ca scratches on the glass the rubber.The attention dips with the cleaning rag is scratching, does not want direct water used touching. 4го, blows with the air blower causes on the glass the rubber conditioning, when on the glass rubber adhesion changes weak, may the easily elimination.If also has a point of small trace, uses to eliminate the light water to clean. 5го, dips the vinegar with the cotton or the cloth, then already will soak the cotton or the cloth spread on the glass on the rubber, made a round trip covers on the entire glass the rubber in the trace place, after when on the glass rubber mounted soaks soaks completely, we may use the knife or the pot gauze, except that slowly, little rubber. 6го, moistens the acetic acid second grade fat with the cleaning rag to clean gently, the two-sided rubber can get down immediately, hurry to use clean cloth mop several again then, the available bit has not gotten down the rubber blows carefully eliminates, again uses the light water or hot water cleaning, might remove completely.

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