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Revealing the past and present of painted glass mosaic


Revealing the past and present of painted glass mosaic

Some people say that windows are the eyes of architecture

When the window meets the painted mosaic glass

The hollow eyes of the building are glorious

But how much do you know about painted inlaid glass?

Painted mosaic glassIt can be traced back to the seventh century AD. It reached its peak as an art form in medieval Europe. It is called Vitrail in French and Stained glass in English.


During the European Renaissance, in the ubiquitous buildings, especially church buildings, gods and religious teachings became the soul of the artistic creation of painted mosaic glass.


At that time, craftsmen and artists almost merged into one, and they embodied their extraordinary artistic talents in architecture and painting. In the process of making painted inlaid glass, it has fully demonstrated the unique craftsmanship and artistic creativity. The precious artworks produced by outstanding artists for the supreme church have been passed down to this day and become classics and noble artistic and cultural heritage.


“There is light on the keys

Painted glass window

Decorated with Gothic church


The decorative Gothic mentioned in this familiar “Prague Square”Church stained glass windowsEspecially the rose window. They are generally located in the large circular window above the main entrance of the cathedral, which is radial and inlaid with beautifulStained glass, Named after the rose shape,Church stained glassIt is one of the characteristics of Gothic architecture. To


In the nineteenth century, painted inlaid glass began to be gradually used in European civil architecture, and the twentieth century was a stage when it became a unique and irreplaceable building decoration material, and it also spread to China. To


Many buildings and villas built in the 1930s in Shanghai still retain these memorable, romantic, and dazzling painted glass art.


With the changes of the times and the rapid development of modern aesthetic consciousness and material technology, painted inlaid glass has made greater development and breakthroughs in the original production process and traditional themes, and the forms of expression are also becoming more and more diversified. Abstract, pay more attention to resonance and coordination with the environment.


It weakens the functionality of religion, turns to public building space and civil decoration, enhances humanistic awareness and affinity, and expands the content of expression to the interaction and integration of man and nature, and man and space.

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