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Na proteção da superfície de vidro


Na proteção da superfície de vidro

In order to reduce the finished productVidroWhen the glass flows to the cold end, the surface protection measures should be taken: coating anti mold agent, laying paper, spraying powder, blowing and breaking glass chips, using fast and slow roller table and air cushion transportation before and after transverse breaking

  1. Mildew proof treatment of glass will affect a lot of performance; reduce the transparency of glass, affect optical performance, appearance deterioration, can not be used in coating, mirror making and other deep processing processes; reduce the mechanical strength of glass; serious mildew, stained pieces, whole box of glass scrapped. Atualmente, the main methods to prevent glass mildew at the cold end include paper clip method, mildew proof powder method and mould proof liquid method

The paper can absorb water and prevent the formation of large area water film on the glass surface, so as to effectively prevent the glass surface from mildew. The protective effect of paper clip method is improved with the increase of the quality of paper per unit area. The paper clamping method has certain anti mildew effect, but the effective anti mildew period is short, and the acid anti mold paper will producepaper lineson the glass, which is not easy to clean,It can also be used in the paper laying machine after cutting and breaking

It is a kind of economical, effective and simple surface protection measure to spray mould proof isolation powder on glass surface by using anti mildew powder method. Before spraying powder, static electricity is applied to the powder to make the powder evenly distributed and firmly adsorbed on the surface of glass plate

There are two methods of application: one is to spray the antifungal liquid on the glass surface in the form of mist; the other is to spray the antifungal liquid on the glass surface in the form of mist; the other is to spray the water vapor on the glass surface easily, and form a strong waterproof layer on the glass surface;In the other, the antifungal solution is coated on the glass surface with a coating roller coated with soft rubber

  1. The main reason to prevent glass surface abrasion is the relative displacement between glass plates and between glass and other equipment in the process of glass production and transportation

The hardness of paper clip paper is much smaller than that of glass surface, which exists between glass plates, which can avoid mechanical abrasion of glass plates due to mutual sliding
Air cushion conveying can avoid mechanical abrasion of glass surface because it is in air floating state

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