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Como o vidro blindado produz o fluxo das bordas do vidro


Como o vidro blindado produz o fluxo das bordas do vidro

 The glass separates the wind diaphanous, the performance is stable, each kind of type different has the different characteristic as a result of the use situation, the applicable scope is extremely broad.We when choice glass, besides attention price, but also should has certain understanding to its type and the performance, enhances strong points and avoid weaknesses, only then can find a more suitable use the material.We will obtain the glass prototype later often to need to carry on certain degree the intensive processing, will cause the glass to have some special functions, thus will satisfy the more operation requirements.Meets down please do understand the armored glass along with me the production process, as well as glass edging concrete step.

Primeiro, how does the armored glass produce

Is same with the simple glass ingredient, is the sand, the lime, the alkali, o vidro blindado, was in the manufacture process many working procedures. The armored glass is cuts first the ordinary annealing glass the request size, then heats up to about the close softening point 700 graus, then carries on (the usual 5-6MM glass which fast even cooling obtains under 700 degrees high temperatures to heat up about for 240 seconds, decreases temperature about for 150 seconds.The 8-10MM glass heats up about for 500 seconds under 700 degrees high temperatures, decreases temperature about for 300 seconds . In brief, is different according to the glass thickness, choice heating temperature decrease time also different).After steel processing the glass surface forms the even compressed stress, but the interior forms the tensile stress, causes the glass anti-curved and the anti-impact intensity can enhance, its intensity is approximately above ordinary annealing glass four times.

The steel has processed the armored glass, cannot again make any processings and so on cutting, grinding or receives damages, but otherwise can because of destroy the even compressed stress balance “to meet a cruel death”. The flow basically is prototype _ _ cuts the __edging (punch/water cutting/and so on) _ _ to clean __ (printing/drying oven) _ the _ steel to form the __packing

The armored glass production quite is complex, individual has no way to produce nearly, the complete set of equipment gets down the expense too to be high, needs the certainly mechanical device.

Segundo, glass edging flow

1st, the edging operator goes to work must wear the protection thing, must wear the glove, wear the rubber. When grinding glass block, must wear the safety helmet. Careful reading production task list.

2nd, before the processing, needs the earnest re-check half-finished product size, avoids the working procedure the mistake continuing to continue, and inspects the glass outward appearance quality, avoids the scales which the scratch and the grinding cannot eliminate, lacks the angle and so on.

3rd, inspection, whether should pay attention the half-finished product to the glass to process, like has the crack, then cannot carry on the edging processing, avoids to the equipment, the personnel causing the damage.

4º, takes the glass to have from outside to inside to uncover takes inside, cannot pull out takes random glass.

5º, to the outward appearance quality requirement very high high-quality goods glass, should surpass or the identity automobile level glass prototype quality outward appearance request to the outward appearance quality testing.

6º, grinding quantity control: 8mm following grinding quantity ﹤2.5mm,10-19mm grinding quantity ﹤1.5mm;

Input speed: 8mm following speed ﹤2.5m,10-19mm speed ﹤1.5m.

7º, machine for edging every day starting and engine off, the operators all must achieve the routine inspection, the consultation content including the emery wheel whether becomes less crowded, the attrition degree, the circulating water whether clean and so on. When grinding different thickness glass, must carry on tries the grinding.

8º, doltish glass grinding, the page layout surpasses 3㎡, must use raises the hook and the sucker, the multi-people lift on the glass when the machine for edging cannot move, walks the step to have to be consistent.

9º, should carry on the inspection, O ajuste, the adjustment every day to the emery wheel. The circulating water should maintain cleanly, the circulating pipe must maintain unimpededly, must achieve trades the water industriously.

10º, replaces the emery wheel to have to operate the edge to be able to process the product.

11º, between the grinding quantity and the input speed, must match reasonably, in order to avoid breakage glass.

12º, carries on the inspection after the edging glass in the outward appearance size and the quality, the unqualified product does not flow in the evil ways working procedure.

13º, the different shape edging must act according to the customer the request, strictly processes according to the model or the geometric figure, causes the grinding surface to be smooth, to be bright and clean.

14º, grinding, must the even grinding, make an effort not to be able too to be fierce, in order to avoid breaks by rubbing the glass.

15º, the edging glass, to requests the specially strict high-quality goods glass folds puts when to have to add the isolation paper.

16º, edging glass stack: When specification (long * width) different, must adds the paper in on the one hand and on the other hand interface point to isolate (paper approximately 100㎜*200㎜ or string), guards against the glass to scratch.

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