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O vidro é o mais importante para o progresso da civilização humana e o desenvolvimento do mundo


O vidro é o mais importante para o progresso da civilização humana e o desenvolvimento do mundo.

normalmente vidro (sodium calcium glass) does not exist in the natural environment of the “envelhecimento” question.
The chemical composition of glass is very stable, in natural conditions the glass will not be affected by the sun and rain fog and the function of the attack decay;
Usually the condition affects the glass life is only two, moist air and high temperature. Continued moist air can make the glass attack mold, but in room temperature conditions the glass attack mold rate is very slow, usually need a few months of time, in normal use of the environment rarely continue to wet air for several months, so glass exposure in the air will not attack mold. Glass in wet warehouses or in the open air is a contrast to simple seizures of mold. Generally, no tempered original glass is simpler and more moldy than a steeled glass.
Without thinking about the elements of thermal cracking, a temperatura abaixo de 300 degrees C has no effect on the glass life and chemical stability. But with the temperature rising above 300 degrees C, the physical and chemical properties of the glass will change with the increase in temperature. Glass at 600 degrees at the beginning of the softening. Chemically speaking, the increase in temperature will cause the glass interior to produce a crystalline scene, so that the glass gradually from the clear to the vague change. At 700 degrees C, the glass crystal analysis crystal lost the process of the need for a few days, It may take months or even years in a 300-degree-C condition, and in a constant temperature, the crystal-destructing ambiguity of glass may take tens of thousands of years to be unthinking.
Physical tempering is the heating and cooling of glass, changing the structure between the internal molecules and molecules of the glass, chemical tempering is the use of high temperature to exchange the external molecular structure of the glass ions, both methods are lasting changes in the microstructure of the glass data.
Hollow glass is a combination of glass substrates, distance frames (aluminum strips), boring agents (molecular sieves), sealing information (butyl gum, polysulfur glue or structural glue). In the composition of hollow glass, glass and aluminum frames are usually very secure, and the number of life of hollow glass depends on the number of lifeofs of molecular sieves and sealing data.
In the composition of hollow glass system, glass is very stable, glass substrate we talked about the fundamental normal application of the situation do not have to think about aging questions;
For hollow glass we should see that the value of hollow system construction lies in that there is a closed boring cavity hollow glass can play the effect of insulation, sound insulation. Because the change of ambient temperature in the cavity gas has been in the bloating or tightening situation, so that the hollow glass sealing system has been in a force dying condition, together with the environment of ultraviolet light, water and moisture will accelerate the aging of the sealing system, and then cause the water vapor to speed up the failure of the hollow glass into the hollow cavity. The failure of hollow glass means that the use of hollow glass life cessation. To ensure that hollow glass does not fail the key is boring agent and sealing information.
For the number of life of hollow glass, the earliest Chinese glass company refers to the U.S. specification to give the concept of a 10-year warranty period; The concept ofthe expected life of hollow glass should be greater than 15 anos” is put forward. de fato, the life of hollow glass is closely related to the selection and processing technology of hollow glass, and together it is also affected by many elements such as hollow glass layout and application environment. Comparison is difficult to quantify simply. For hollow glass that is now on the wall, the simple measure of comparison is actually to measure dew point or distance layer air humidity.
The number of life smiles of low-e glass depends first and foremost on the number of life slots of the hollow sealing system at its location. We know that the primary composition of the low-e membrane layer is metal, Liga, óxido de metal e de nitreto do metal. Metal nitride is commonly used as a protective layer in the membrane structure, a sua função é muito estável. The metal oxides and alloy layers are usually used as the media layer in the membrane layer to connect the silver layer and the protective layer, and its properties are also relatively stable. But its oxidation is conditional demand for water vapor.
Assim sendo, just empty glass does not fail, do not have to think alone about the lowe membrane layer life questions.
Laminated glass is a two pieces between the glass sandwiched between a layer or multi-layer edmorus organic polymer center film, through technical processing, so that the glass and the center film lasting bonding into one composite glass commodity. The laminated glass in the glass even if broken under the condition of debris will be glued to the film, useful to prevent fragments and penetrate the onset of falling events, para garantir a segurança pessoal.
The number of life smiles of laminated glass depends primarily on the raw materials of the center layer of the mezzanine. Normalmente, wet mezzanine glass and eva mezzanine glass are primarily used for indoor partition, not for building doors and windows or curtain walls. Wet mezzanine glass and eva mezzanine glass will age faster in sunlight, will be yellowing after 1-2 anos, and will be rendered continuously in the state of degluing bubbles, ice flowers and fog. Wet mezzanine glass ages much faster than eva mezzanine glass. Eva laminated glass prevents direct sunlight from being used indoors for more than 10 anos.
Usually used as doors and windows or curtain wall pvb and sgp laminated glass its aging-resistant function is much better. The most typical failure of laminated glass pvb and sgp is open glue, opening glue means that the glass and distance layer is disengaged, lost the safety characteristics of laminated glass. For the number of pvb and sgp laminate glass life, there are currently no relevant norms and norms.
de fato, the life of pvb and sgp mezzanine glass, in addition to being affected by the central layer raw materials, is greatly affected by the thickness of the medium-distance layer, the quality of the laminated glass substrate, and the control of laminate glass technology.

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