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In glass air bubble elimination method inquisition


In glass air bubble elimination method inquisition
The air bubble is in the glass common flaw, it produces the reason are very many, has the melting ability to be insufficient, the temperature insufficiently creates, has clarifies disappears not good cannot remove, also has the fire-proof material to produce, when has the formation for material operation not when brings.
Air bubble production and elimination process
The glass kiln stove is the place coal-burning heat accumulator horse-shoe flame pond stove (this article mainly discusses this kind of kiln stove).
rmored glass breakage reason and solution.Uses the small momentum in the design compared to, inclines the ledger wall small stove structure, the deep settling pond, the inclined rise type flows the fluid hole and the rise material said, the non-work pond, after this kiln stove repairs the transformation to produce Gao Bailiao coldly the glass jar, after the production discovered on the product has the air bubble, has the circular, ellipse and superficial pellicle air bubble, quantity 0 23/! About, affects the product outward appearance quality seriously.At first, we arrange the law the mentality to take the measure: Enhances the temperature of fusion, reduces the melt-off rate, enhances gradually the flame space radiation temperature, the loading also reduces, finally air bubble quantity increases to 523/! The diameter increases the pellicle air bubble to increase;Enhances the coordinate material gasrate, enlarge clarifying agent amount used, gas rate enhancement, but the air bubblereduces by no means; Enlarge flux introduction quantity, still not tangibleeffect.Facing the product on more and more many air bubbles, we realize “the absorption law” the mentality are only then possibly correct.Therefore, after the temperature of fusion will reduce the air bubble quantity reduction.Latter falls to 0 23/! Then improves the feeding machine realization thin layer to bind into the type feeding, continues to reduce the temperature of fusion, the loading control is appropriate, air bubble quantity is stable, the diameter reduces.
In glass metal tender skill air bubble elimination mechanism
The melt system process is a complex physical chemistry reaction process, contains the silicate to form the stage, the glass forms the stage, clarifies the equalization stage, in which clarifies the stage is the process which the air bubble eliminates.Reduces in this process along with the temperature increment vitreous humor viscosity, in the air bubble gas, in the kiln in the gas and the vitreous humor the physical dissolution and between the chemical combination gas establishes the balance, again causes the obvious air bubble float to eliminate in the glass liquid level.In clarifies in the process the obvious air bubble elimination to carry on according to the following two ways:
1st, the air bubble volume increases the acceleration rise, after floats the glass surface to burst vanishing.
2nd, in the bubble gas component dissolves in the vitreous humor, the air bubble is absorbed vanishes.
The air bubble size and the vitreous humor viscosity is the determining factory which whether the air bubble does float.According to a stoke law, air bubble ascending velocity and the air bubble radius square is proportional, but is in reverse proportion with the vitreous humor viscosity.
According to Gao Bailiao the glass ingredient computation vitreous humor under different temperature viscosity, and compares with a Paris green glass formula.Clarifies the position the vitreous humor temperature, the air bubble surfaces the boat from the computation different diameter air bubble surfaces the boat the time.
Enhances the temperature of fusion to be possible to increase above diameter 0.2mm the air bubble ascent guidance, reduces surfaces the boat the demand time, but to diameter in 0.2mm following air bubble then through surfaces the boat very difficultly eliminates, must through carry on the adjustment to the temperature to cause the bubble to absorb in the vitreous humor eliminates.
In vitreous humor temperature decrease process, because the gas changes cold, in the gas pressure invariable situation the air bubble will change small.Because as a result of the glass surface tension reason, the air bubble internal pressure the radius reduces increases, when temperature decrease, in the vitreous humor the gas saturation pressure is lower than in the air bubble the gas pressure, in the air bubble gas releases disperses to the vitreous humor in.Because has emitted the gas, the air bubble radius reduces, the vitreous humor surface tension makes the air bubble internal pressure further to advance, is absorbed completely until the air bubble by the vitreous humor.
The vitreous humor in clarifies in the process, the big air bubble discharges with the bubble absorbs these two stages is essential, the former request essential temperature and the duration, the latter needs certain temperature drop gradient, if these conditions have one item not to be able to achieve can cause the product to take to bring with the air bubble.

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