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In addition to different shapes should be used in different types of glass


In addition to different shapes should be used in different types of glass

In addition to different shapes should be used in different types of glass, the thickness of the glass also have some requirements, and some shape also need to deal with the glass.
Ceiling large area to be used to deal with
Glass ceiling mostly used for aisle ceiling.  Avoid using large areas of glass on the ceiling, even if the use of metal, wood or plaster to glass ceiling separated into squares.
Stained glass, sandblasted glass is a good material for ceiling.  Dengzhou Fuzhou, a designer of the Center for Decorative Design in Yuanzhou, believes that there is a limit to the thickness of the glass used in the ceiling because “because of the heavy weight of the glass, for safety reasons, the thickness of the ceiling glass is generally controlled at 5-8mm.”
Bathroom ceiling available baking paint glass, do not fade, but also play a mirror role, enhance the decorative effect.
When using the glass ceiling in the living room, the breadth of the glass should be as small as possible because the glass has poor bending resistance and is brittle.  “Glass gives a sense of restlessness,” Dongfang decoration North unexpected designer Dong Yingchun suggested that “the living room do not use too much glass to do the ceiling, easy to undermine the atmosphere at home, the effect is not ideal.”

Partition wall is best to use tempered glass
For safety reasons, the partition wall should try to use toughened glass, because the hardness of toughened glass is 5 times that of ordinary glass, bending resistance is 3-5 times more than ordinary glass, higher security, but also the best glass partition wall Do framing processing.
Balcony and living room partition to consider the requirements of noise and heat insulation, it is best to use double-glazing, but also in the double-glazing of the plug in some dried flowers hay, glass beads and other decorations, both transparent and decorative effect, The bathroom with frosted glass or glass made of craft can also play a good decorative effect.
In addition, glass bricks are also good materials for the partition wall in the kitchen bathroom.  Because the glass tiles are not translucent, strong hardness, it is suitable for use in the kitchen.  Glass is divided into two kinds of color and color, some in the middle there are painted or dark flowers and other patterns, home improvement works well.  However, the cost of glass partition than the ordinary cut off your wall twice as expensive.
Screen glass should be set tips
In the lobby can consider the use of glass screen, not only transparent, there are certain artistic effects.  According to the special style requirements, some still need to be framed, if the use of non-framed piece of glass, it is best to do the above pattern, or hanging map, play a reminder role to prevent family accidentally hit the glass.
Background wall installation put the first solid
According to the specific style requirements, you can use paint or glass technology.  However, it must be installed firmly, using adhesive bonding glass, both solid and beautiful.
Door core according to the size of the door to choose
If you use glass door, the best choice of ordinary tempered glass or art glass, and the thickness of 8 mm or more.
Some glass doors in the middle of the owner to buy or custom.  At this point, the glass should be based on the size of the door to carry out the corresponding treatment.  In general, the thickness of the door core glass 5-8 mm, if the door core area is larger, you can choose laminated glass, small area of ​​the door core is not too high.  If using light steel glass or frosted glass, the door should be thin wooden lining framed to prevent injuries caused by the collision accident.
Ground slip prevention is very important
Need to choose more than 15 mm thick tempered glass, or laminated glass.  This glass is strong and not brittle.
Platform can choose either stained glass can also choose brown glass to do.  Stained glass floor fashion, brown glass platform slightly restrained implicit, to meet the needs of different groups and decorative style.
Buy glass attention to quality
The naked eye can not distinguish between tempered glass and ordinary glass, but the general certification of tempered glass 3C; the quality of glass can be easily passed through the light to check, such as the glass in front of flash, if dazzling description of its impurities; through See the flatness of the glass can also explain the quality problems, and secondly, look at the picture of stained glass, if there is a pigment spill, indicating its general work.  Home improvement glass related to safety, it is recommended to consumers to buy formal building materials stores.

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