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How installs the mosaic glass decorative wall


How installs the mosaic glass decorative wall

The glass is in our daily life contacts and the use goods frequently, from the drinking glass this kind of daily necessities to a glass curtain wall kind of construction decoration material, the glass has made the enormous contribution for the world civilization development.For example we heard frequently colored drawing on pottery glass and mosaic glass, commonly used in manufacture room glass modelling decoration, performance outstanding.Will meet down us to be simple introduced how will install the mosaic glass decorative wall, the explanation colored drawing on pottery glass processing manufacture method.

First, how installs the mosaic glass decorative wall     1st, chooses the level spool thread which any parent metal level release vertical and the horizontal spool thread use altazimuth or the laser altazimuth establish in turn.Springs the type floor edge the vertical middle line main keel and inspects whether inlays is in charge the keel the middle line part middle line to match.Between between the survey main keel size and the curtain wall size are same. 2nd, the basis transverse axis by determined the host keel level buries the outwire connection tight iron stock? By facilitates installs the tight iron stock.    3rd, confirms whether total elevation consistent and level ledger wall elevation design mark floor edge, in order to confirm the installment the reality total elevation main structure.    Thus 4th, the link inserting iron host keel picks out in advance chisels causes exposed on the concrete surface, if the elevation angle and the ball line position surpasses the permission deviation amount to have to design the negotiations advancement. 5th, the installment electrically operated hanging basket operator’s safe ornamental glass and the security lamination or outside under the continental shelf basket, installs the safety equipment in you the movement test.    6th, the sucker equipment, the electric hand-drill, weld the nail electrical machinery the insulation voltage test to do.The electrically operated sucker machine and the handhold glass sucker carry on the inspection the weight glass adsorption, the explanation which the adsorption time line provides.    7th, the host keel, the inferior keel and each kind of link requirement, the decoration holds down strip, part compositions, the earlier period stock classification code assigned location inspector general’s and so on bolt, oak block glue memory.

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