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How gives the item which the glass edging as well as should pay attention.


How gives the item which the glass edging as well as should pay attention.

1st, the glass straight line machine for edging uses when matters needing attention:

  Straight line machine for edging (straight edge machine, edge rounding machine, hypoteneuse machine) the working all is and leads its translation through the around clamp glass to carry on the grinding. In the use must certainly pay attention to two points:

  ①Around the clamp and the guide rail junction plane must refuel frequently the lubrication, otherwise can affects the machine as a result of the around clamp and the guide rail working surface premature attrition the normal service life, although some types have the self-lubrication installment, but also must inspect the lubrication pipeline frequently is whether unimpeded.

②When clamp glass the clamping force size must be suitable, the too loose influence grinding quality, too tight can cause the machine load to increase, easy to have the vibration crawling phenomenon, rubs when the thin glass also easy to clamp the glass fragments, the clamping force size available slightly big glass clamps together on the machine carries on the test, namely: Clamps the glass middle the machine, under the engine off condition both hands effort board moves the glass, felt the clamping force adjusts just both hands not to be able to move time for appropriate.

2nd, the glass different shape machine for edging uses when matters needing attention:

①The different shape machine work table sucker height identically is whether big to the grinding effect influence, when assembly the factory all has carried on the attrition to five group of sucker places, and chose thickness consistent sucker rubber to cause various suckers altitude hold to be consistent, therefore, in the ordinary circumstances all do not have to disassemble the sucker, if the sucker rubber had the damage, then had to choose thickness to replace consistently.

②The different shape machine vacuum pump after uses period of time, because enters reasons and so on water to be able to appear the vacuum degree to drop (i.e. suction to drop) the phenomenon, therefore must pay attention to the inspection abreast in row except the breakdown, otherwise, the machine works in the suction insufficient situation, on the one hand can affect the grinding quality, on the other hand also easy to appear the security accident.

3rd, the bilateral machine for edging uses when matters needing attention:

  ①The bilateral machine for edging is the high scale the machine for edging, when the use suggested fixed operates two to three people, guarantees the operation to be correct.

  ②Both sides rub when the procedure appears the error or the breakdown, suggested please the original manufacturer send the human service and the debugging, in the ordinary circumstances do not have to take apart for overhaul, in order to avoid breeds confusion the procedure to create the production suspension.

  4th, time profile machine use matters needing attention:

①About machine the profile is really big to the grinding precision influence, depends on the template the working surface certainly to have to make the shape size to be accurate, the smooth finish must be high, if the different shape depends on the template, then transfers must certainly be smooth.

  ②When replaces the template and the sucker, certainly must maintain the sucker working surface the level, otherwise can affect the grinding quality.

  Divides outside machine for edging which introduced, but also has some structures simply, the use sole machine for edging, like beveler, small disk machine, buffing machine and so on.Moreover also has some to process some product specially the special-purpose machine for edging, like automobile rear view mirror machine for edging, hand wash basin machine for edging and so on.

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