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Hot bending glass development


Hot bending glass development
Hot bending glass, by the flat glass heating soften mold formed in the mold, and then by annealing the curved glass.  Rectangular glass is usually processed in an electric furnace.  After a series of bending furnace usually 5-6 rooms, 11-13 stations, about a few minutes to a piece of products.  Intermittent bending furnace usually only one room, heating molding, annealing are completed in an indoor, the processing cycle takes a few hours or so one or two hours, suitable for the manufacture of large quantities of large-scale Hot bending glass.

Aesthetics: the center of the surface shape without connection port, beautiful lines, to reach the whole mood of reconciliation.

Specificity: Various irregular curved surfaces can be made upon request.

With the progress of the industrial level and people’s living standards,Stained glass dome In the construction, the use of civil occasions also continue to add.  Rebuild the main construction of curved glass for the decoration, lighting, visit the elevator, arched corridors and so on.  Civil hot bending glass is mainly used for glass furniture, glass aquarium, glass wash basin, glass counter, glass decorations and so on.

Rebuild the building of large-scale use of glass built in China began in 1989, after the year added.  According to statistics, there are more than 500 companies in China Hot bending glass, glass rehearsal furnace has 2000 or so, mainly for the construction of glass bending furnace, and mostly single-chamber furnace.  With the expansion of the building renovation mall,Stained glass windows and doors, But also greatly increased, washbowl bending furnace, aquarium glass bending furnace and glass melting furnace in all parts of the country have muster.  Hot bending glass shopping malls appear to be unusually prosperous.


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