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Glass mosaic classification outline


Glass mosaic classification outline

Glass mosaic: The glass mosaic is called the glass mosaic or the glass leatheroid brick.It is one kind of small specification colored facing glass.According to the national standards (GB/T7697-1996), glass mosaic (GLassMosaic) may divide into:

  Fusing glass mosaic: Take the silicate and so on as the primary data, melts the formation under the high temperature and assumes the emulsion or half emulsion shape, the content few air bubbles and has not melted the pellet the glass mosaic.

  Sintered glass mosaic: Take the glass dust as the primary data, joins the right amount cementing agent equi pressure to make certain specification size the unbaked and unglazed pottery piece; Glass mosaic the agglutination becomes which under certain temperature.

  Aventurine glass mosaic: Contains the few air bubbles and the ration metallic crystal pellet, has meets the light twinkle obviously the glass mosaic.

Glass mosaic characteristic: It is the safest building materials, it and so on is made by the natural mineral substance and the glass, the quality is light, is the outstanding environmental protection material.The zero water-absorptivity, chemistries and so on anti-acid and alkali corrode, is most suits in decorates the near water region the building materials.Available does decorates the bathroom, the bathroom, the swimming pool, the eruptive fountain, the landscape basin and so on.Color riotous sharp, never fades, the volume is small, is manufactures art to put together the chart and the mosaic picture best material.Uses the different color the mosaic to be able to design manufactures complex puts together the chart, if swimming pool base design which designs with the computer.

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