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Glass dirty, these methods may with ease help you


Glass dirty, these methods may with ease help you

1st, the window glass or the glass mirror has the trace and the greasy dirt, may use the cloth either the cotton drops petroleum or the white liquor, cleans, it gently can be bright and clean.

2nd, the gold-plated frame, on the frame or the glass has the dirt, the towel dips the surplus beer to be possible to remove the dirt, to cause its cleanly bright.

3rd, the glass, the mirror surface moisten have the paint, the dirt, the vinegar are very easy to clean cleanly.

4th, with the soft cloth or the soft paper, joins the ethyl alcohol or the white liquor again after the immersion mirror in the water cleans once more, then dips some chalk dust with the clean cloth to clean once more then.

5th, adds some indigos in the water, can increase the glass the gloss.

6th, scours the glass, uses the chalk water or plaster of Paris Shui Tu first wipes, does uses to do cloth cleaning easily again, both to clean the dirt easily, and to polish.

7th, on the glass has the big area oil, uses the waste gasoline to scour, to use the laundry powder or the laundry powder again first scours, uses the clear water to flush cleanly again.

8th, will use the wet cloth cleaning dust, then to abandon the newspaper first to scratch on the glass on the ball, the newspaper ink may clean the glass fast.

9th, with the onion piece cleaning glass window, may remove the dirt specially brightly, moreover.

10th, on the glass plate or the mirror wax mark, may add several drop of ammonia water hot soapy water to scour.Otherwise back careful do not have to let behind the water permeating mirror, be able to corrode the coating, then the destruction reflection layer.

11th, scours the mirror, the glass, the decontamination effect with the remnant tea is good.Will buy a new bend plastic health to brush, to carry keg water to be wet brushes, scours the glass directly.Because the plastic health brushes the clean strength strong, the glass flank dust is wiped immediately off, the brush has certain length.If the glass too dirty, may join some cleansers in the water.This method suits the winter use specially.

First uses the wet cloth cleaning drinking glass, then to dip the little white wine with the clean wet cloth, to make an effort slightly the wipe drinking glass.After clean, glass clean bright.You only need with bucket few shampoos or the water used wash hair, with the cloth cleaning window, then with do the cloth or the paper dry the window.Window bright neat.

Scours item which the window needs to pay attention:

Otherwise do not use to do the cloth clean dirty window, can destroy the glass.When the glass is frailer, do not have in the frost period clean window; Has sunlight time, do not have to scratch the window, because the water drying too quick, the glass can leave behind the trace; Should trade the water, specially is frequently the wash water; If the weather is very cold, may join the few methyl alcohol or the white oil in the washing water, prevented on the glass the residual water freeze (do not have to choose such one day to come clean window).Discrete use all cleansers and chemical, because they use too many, possibly leave behind the stripe and the residuum on the glass.Was sure to remember do not have to use the soapy water, because it very difficult to clean.

Scratches the glass general need following step:  

1st, sweeps the oversized dust the frame, cleans the frame.

2nd, when water used elimination surface dirt, necessity eliminates with the cleanser and the small bit.

3rd, uses the glass slicker except the moisture content.

4th, with does the towel or the newspaper cleaning surface watermark.

5th, in elimination box trough dust.

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