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El vidrio doblador “el arte del método acuoso” y “el arte del proceso seco” distingue en distingue la solución de Jan


El vidrio doblador “el arte del método acuoso” y “el arte del proceso seco” distingue en distingue la solución de Jan

The doubling glass installs generally in the sunlight room glass goes against, now already more and more many uses set up on the surface glass outside the windows and doors curtain wall, specially used in the sound-insulated windows and doors doubling the spatial glass, that, the doubling glass also divided the very many kind of manufacture craft, in which divides into the dry process doubling and the aqueous method doubling, then these two craft manufacture doubling glass, what also did have in the use effect differently? Today slightly arranges on this topic cuts open analyzes.

Dry process doubling armored glass

Is between two glass the band take the polyvinyl butyral as the principal constituent PVB interface layer.Doubling thickness generally above 0.38, through the film except wet, dry constant temperature processing, process clean drying, the shop pastes the pvb film, latter gathers the piece compression, squeezes out the air and causes two glass to gather reliably in the same place, again passes through the high temperature high pressure fixed forming, each craft all may not lower one’s guard, after the end product has the reflection sound wave function unceasingly, installs in the windows and doors to have function of the sound-insulated noise reduction,Even if the glass because of the collision disruption, the fragment also can stick on the thin film, the stave glass surface still maintained neatly smooth.Had prevented effectively the fragment grips the wound and the penetration crashes the event occurrence, has guaranteed the personal safety.Anti-penetrability.

The dry process doubling craft is complex, the safety coefficient is high, service life long and so on merits.

Aqueous method laminated glass
Fills the agglutination glue water between two glass, but exposes to the sun or the ultraviolet lamp roasting after the solar illumination, the coagulation Cheng Shiqi two glass sticks in the same place, after stave easy to scatter, the binding property is not high, in the intensity and the anti-aging, the anti-knocking property, the moisture-proof, was inferior PVB the effect is good, in the manufacture process in the glue water neutral air moisture cannot remove completely, these residual moisture contents are extremely easy in the intense sunlight illumination to gasify the bubble formation, the glue water own can have the chemical reaction slowly, causes the glass transparency to reduce, also can lengthen along with the time aggravates gradually, the glue line thick thin steel plate is non-uniform, therefore the service life is limited.The aqueous method doubling manufacture is simple, the cycle is quick, the cost is low, but in the anti-knocking aspect was inferior violates the law the doubling glass.

How does the ordinary consumer distinguish these two kind of manufacture craft windows and doors glass?

Judges from following several aspects is generally the dry process doubling or the aqueous method doubling: The dry process doubling whole looks like translucently, even, does not have the sense of a foreign body, after the glass to explode the piece in together is continually the dry process doubling, scatters place is the aqueous method security quality testing reported, the general regular factory all may write up the certificate glass price, the glass cycle, general produces goods cheaply quickly, all is the aqueous method doubling.

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