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Habilidad de elección de vidrio espacial


Habilidad de elección de vidrio espacial

The spatial glass since the start, su fabricación ha experimentado procesos y así sucesivamente pegamento de bloque compuesto en la fórmula de vidrio espacial que duplica Bolivia, simple doble Bolivia, el sello manual de un solo canal, dos el sello y aparece en los últimos años. 40 año de desarrollo, the market has gradually hastened maturely.Along with our country the construction energy conservation value, the spatial glass quality question has proposed the agenda.

In the influence the spatial glass quality factor mainly has:

(1) raw material selection;

(2) manufacturing craft.Here mainly discusses the spatial glass raw material selection.Raw material quality directly will affect the spatial glass quality and the service life.

At present in the home the spatial glass mainly has three kinds:

(1) aluminum type single channel seal;

(2) aluminum type two seal;

(3) compound seal block glue in the formula spatial glass.Trough aluminum type single channel seal, because its leak-proof quality is bad, easy to enter the humidity, causes the glass condensation, the rime, the service life to be short, therefore this kind of spatial glass is eliminated gradually.Latter two kind of spatial glass raw material mainly is: The glass, the aluminum strip, insert the angle, the butyl rubber, the double component gather the colloidal sulphur or the organosilicon mountain cave rubber, the drying agent, the compound seal block glue.Below simply discusses these raw material selection.

primero, glass selection:

1S t, in the manufacture the spatial glass prototype glass may be colorless floats the law glass, the coating glass, el vidrio blindado, the laminated glass and so on.Should avoid using the ordinary plate glass, the ordinary plate glass transparency and the intensity cannot meet the requirements.The above glass prototype must conform to the corresponding standard requirement, qualified can use after the examination

2Dakota del Norte, whether there is does the different factory different raid of glass first inspect the chromatic aberration before cutting, should the chromatic aberration big glass, use in separately the different project or the different construction stands in the surface.

3rd, the glass cutting size, should carry out strictly according to the blueprint request, the concurrent operation personnel should pay attention to the glass surface, must not have scratches, the air bubble and so on the obvious flaw.

Segundo, the aluminum strip, inserts the angle selection

1S t, aluminum strip thickness should between 0.3-0.35mm, thickness be supposed even consistent, the breather hole distribution is even.The aluminum strip must pass through anodic oxidation processing or decontamination processing must bend at the knees, certainly must select the quality well, the scale high product.Raises the aluminum strip use factor.

2Dakota del Norte, inserts the angle size to have to elect, the surface must polish.

Tercero, drying agent

  At present uses the spatial glass to use the drying agent, mainly has three kind of types: 1S t, to volatile matter absorbancy good; 2Dakota del Norte, to inert gas adsorptive capacity lowest; 3rd, ordinary molecular sieve.The user should act according to own asks a question the consultation manufacturer with the rubber, chooses the appropriate molecular sieve, simultaneously the molecular sieve also must have the appropriate granularity (1-1.5mm) and degree of hardness.Moreover, uses the molecular sieve the environment to have to be dry, the filling member should have in 1.5 hours to use, the exposed molecular sieve should use busily, guarantees the spatial glass quality.

Cuarto, sealant selection

1S t, caucho de butilo:

 The butyl rubber is the aluminum strip in the formula spatial glass first road seal, it is one kind of thermofusion rubber, has the very low water vapor transmissibility (to be lowest in the spatial glass cement) the high coherency, is between the aluminum strip side and the glass keeps off the water vapor cloudy the most effective barrier, but it must by the special-purpose machine heating, the compression, squeeze out spreads the cloth in the aluminum strip both sides. At present the domestically produced butyl rubber factory are many, but various produces the rubber, the heating temperature, the pressure are different, some factory butyl rubber is even unable with machine to spread, Chang Yin has the impurity to cause the interrupt.This needs the user choice quality good product, simultaneously understood is clear it the operation requirements.

2Dakota del Norte, gathers the colloidal sulphur:

  Gathers the colloidal sulphur is in at present in the spatial glass sealant the amount used biggest one kind, gathers the colloidal sulphur to have the good oil resistance, to bear the solubility and the leak-proof quality.Gathers the colloidal sulphur to have to have the metal oxide compound to take the firming agent use polymerization, two kind of component allocated proportions about 1:10, the coordinate proportion and the level of uniformity to the effect display influence are not too big, therefore the rubber may machine spread also may the artificial hand spread.

To gathers the colloidal sulphur to select the request: During the double component the chromatic aberration is distinct; Term of validity above half year; Anti-ultraviolet ray ability; Has the good fluidity and the solidification elasticity.

3rd, silicon mountain cave rubber

  The silicon mountain cave sealant has the constitutive property, bears the old chemical property and the anti-ultraviolet ray performance, but its cause weakness is the water vapor transmissibility is high.Therefore mountain cave the rubber is suitable strongly for in the illumination, the environment difference place, like the glass curtain wall and so on, simultaneously must use the butyl rubber to make the first seal.The silicon mountain cave rubber, in the past, our country relied on the import for a long time, present National Economic and Trade Committee has specially established the silicon mountain cave rubber leading group, carried on the safe authentication to the structure rubber.At present domestic had the Zhengzhou area south of Yellow River, the Guangzhou white clouds and so on four through the authentication.

Quinto, compound seal block glue

  This is 1980s one kind of compound packing material which develops by the American chemists.Block glue collection support skeleton (wave-shape aluminum belt), seal (caucho de butilo), seco (drying agent) in a body spatial glass raw material.Its biggest merit is operates the craft simply, raw material wastes, the personnel few few, the management cost is low, the operating environment is good.The shortcoming is the block glue absorption of moisture is slow, must have the special purpose equipment.At present the block glue is been high the output limit price, compound seal block glue selection, must consider the surface brightly and cleanly, the aluminum belt quality, the rubber content, the viscosity suitable medium.

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