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Peduncle lotus Nepal art glass


Peduncle lotus Nepal art glass

Louise•Comfort•In peduncle buddhist Nepal (Louis Comfort Tiffany) is the outstanding artist looks up•Louis•Peduncle buddhist Nepal (Charles Lewis Tiffany) the son, is the New York renowned peduncle buddhist Nepal Corporation founder.His early time in New York and the Paris study art creation, he to the glass art strong interest, the new artistic leader who takes the American application fine arts, Louise•Comfort•Peduncle buddhist Nepal has fired peduncle lotus Nepal in 19 century’s end the beginning of 20th century “Tiffany” the lamps and lanterns name, causes the American dyeing glass industry to have the revolutionary great change and male occupies the glass product industry rule status.In the glass appliance design domain, the achievement which peduncle buddhist Nepal obtains is unique. Thousands of churches all “Tiffany” the glass made the decoration by fine peduncle buddhist Nepal, peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” this name have also become the dyeing glass art pronoun.Peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” is the American glass art pioneer.Is called the US territory to breed the most outstanding also most renowned decoration artist.Fills the bright color and the shadow connection mosaic glass, presents the magnificent light space the glass lamp and indistinct between releases the unique esthetic sense the vase and so on, all is immortal representative who new artistic glass craft great master peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” creates the masterpiece.The body is the decoration artist, peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” has other human of no talents, the ideal and the achievement, in particular result which creates in the glass art domain, until now nobody can surmount. His work fills the exotic atmosphere, in the glass craft domain innovation, mainly displays in the color and the ingredient, the glass blows the bottle, el vidrio coloreado, the lamps and lanterns does not have one does not unfold the luxurious style the decoration, the craft standard, the gorgeous effect which the light and the color produce, incluso: The colored glass, the vase, the lamps and lanterns, the jewelry, the mosaic picture, the sketch, the water color and the old style picture, also have its creative brilliant contribution in the glass in decoration artistic circles.


Attended the Paris international exposition in 1889 in the good opportunity, peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” has witnessed the new artistic style development grand occasion, especially deep deeply for added the thunder the exquisite work to be moved, after returning to homeland devote in glass creation.In 1892, peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” the reorganization tidied up the company the management, has set up “peduncle buddhist Nepal Workshop” the glass decoration company, mounted the glass the illumination lamps and lanterns and all colors glazes “the law to float Lai” the imaginary color glass and so on the immortal celebrated work to establish so-called peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” the style. The peduncle buddhist Nepal Workshop manufacture content is comprehensive, including the glassware, mounts the glass window, the lamps and lanterns, the stationery, the housewares, the copper product, the artistic jewelry, the stele, the mosaic product, the carpentry product, the earthenware, the silverware and so on, his product receives the American east bank the rich and powerful people and celebrity’s favor with struggles the order.Peduncle buddhist Nepal “Tiffany” creation management still continued after the new artistic tide retreat.

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