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Das farbige Glasgewölbe verschönert das friedliche Hotel


Das farbige Glasgewölbe verschönert das friedliche Hotel

The peaceful hotel is located the Nanjing east road and the Bund road intersection, Das Hotel verfügt über neun landestypische Vorräume und eine Vielzahl von Speisesälen, der Bankettsaal, die Mehrzweckhallen und die Bar, der Dachgarten und so weiter.

The backward peaceful hotel history, im 1926 Judea merchant Victor Sassoon formed in one’s mind and founded named “Chinese Diligent Hotel (CathayHotel)” the hotel, was the Chicago school of thought Gothic style construction, the building height 77 Meter, altogether 12.By Chicago school of thought Gothic style design style architect Palmer& Turner design, take an elevation 77 meter green copper protective covering roof as biggest characteristic.The outer wall uses the granite stone to build, enters by the revolving hall gate, the great hall ground becomes with the cream color Italy marble shop, peak ancient bronzes ornamental engraving hanging lamp, luxurious elegant, has “the far east first building” fine reputation. The great hall central octagonal pavilion is one of hotel symbolic elements, the sunlight penetration colored glass vault, falls in torrents under, the extremely rich decoration art feeling, the entire hotel finds at everywhere the cosmetic pattern carving, is frequently reminding the people this hotel legend passing.Since a century, she has stood and waited for a long time bank of in the blustery Bund, testimony Shanghai is changing constantly.The decoration is fastidious the dining room and the reception room, mount certain ruler half square to pull overcome the (Lalique) art glass accessories, has the flower-and-bird screen, has flies the pigeon to spread the wings, to have the fish to fly in circles the shallow bottom among, places oneself, enters a crystal world suddenly.Pulls overcomes the artistic glass is on a century is in fashion Europe’s one kind of special glass artware, the founder is in the French thunder. Pulls overcomes (ReneLalique).This kind of glass has integrated the stibium, the arsenic and the cobalt in the burn process, has transparent and the frosting two kinds, has the special color and the three-dimensional effect, looked far is the cream color, nearly looked is the dark blue, welcomes the light to assume bright red.This kind of glass several nearly vanishes at present in Shanghai, but still could see actually in the peaceful hotel, in nine building highest heaven hall gate then had four preservation complete to pull overcomes the glass.Because of is on at the beginning of the century becomes with the special craft burn, cannot duplicate, reveals is well worth preciously.

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