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coloured opalescent and ripple and ring mottled art decorative glass


When we talk about art glass, we always think what is art glass and how many classifications for art glass, for this chapter, we would like to talk about art glass classifications, art glass classification is divided into flat glass, coloured opalescent glass , ripple glass, irridescent glass, mottled glass and stipple glass etc., following is the details for each classification:

1) Flat glass: one kind of basis, the surface is flat

2) Opalescent colored glass: a kind or various kinds colors materials mixed with white material to create particoloured effect , opalescent is not transparent.

3) Ripple colored glass: it is made by roller and press the surface to irregular lines, ripple glass has big ripple or small ripple, different roller create different texure effect.

4) Transparent colored glass: Glass transparent, single flat transparent glass, the glass surface is smooth or with texture etc.

5) Irridescent colored glass: A layer of gold crystal thin film combined with glass to create the glass surface with irridescent.

6) Ring mottled glass: Well controlled the opalescent glass formula so some part of glass circle area are not shown seeing through(named circle mottled), which brings many mottled vision, therefore, when seeing mottled glass, you can see one by one small mottled.

7) Stipple colored glass: A kind of glass with surface looks like ice or wax, its color just like the ice fused in the mist, the feeling of it is extremely bright, the foreigner named it stipple glass, a revolution of stained glass was named when such kind of glass appeared.

There are more detailed classifications, for instance: ripple glass divides to big ripple and small ripple, others like bubble glass, semi-transparent or full transparent and so on.

For example, mosaic glass, handpainted glass, tiffany glass are all belong to ”art glass”.

Besides, as there are many kinds of art glass in current market and most of glass surface look like very similar, many of professional dealers who don’t understand our company’s ”stained church glass” and ” stained glass windows” etc. might misunderstand stained glass and painted colored glass, furthermore, different art glass price is much more different because of its craft and raw materials. The product has high end and low end difference, reflecting in craftsmanship, materials, colors, design, lines etc.

Glass art is a multidisciplinary manual craft, it includes cold glass art and hot glass art, cold glass art is secondary processing made on the sheet glass, for example, sand carving glass, handpainted glass, frosted glass, vertical line color glass, exquisite carving glass and so on. While hot glass is formed by heat and furnace, the firing temperature is more than 590 degrees, such as fused glass, light glass, cast glass, wax off glass(coloured glaze) and blown glass.

Art glass is its English name, widely saying is reflected via art skill on the glass material, now the word of ”art glass” has been widely used on buidling decoration, popular use on making pattern on the flat glass, its skill are naked mosaic, carving, drain line, color poly crystal line, milk jade, frosted, physical baobing, sandblasting emulsification, fusible, paster etc.

All glass with art form  in secondary processing can be become art glass, the price range from several US dollar to thousands US dollar, glass thickness scope is between 1.5~100mm, the application scope are: Project decoration, outdoor decoration, home decoration etc. The primary grade should be sandblasting glass, made with spray sand on the clear glass by spraying gun, its level is lower, the most weakness is sandblasting glass is easily dirty, furthermore, it is not easy for cleaning, very urgly but price cheape, it is almost weeded out nowadays. While stained glass is being widely use in high end club, hotel, pub, villa, church etc. because of its specialty.


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