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Chinese stained glass doors and windows to choose the reason


Chinese stained glass doors and windows to choose the reason

The progress of modern society, home decoration is very important for the modern people is the number one event.  Not only to take into account the beautiful decoration, personality coordination, warmth, health, environmental protection and a series of issues.
Chinese stained glass windows and doors not only more than tricks, the optional space is also large.  Wide range of applications and widely loved by modern people.  Xin to glass products

Select Chinese Multicolored Glass There are many reasons:
The first environmental protection, unlike stone, paint and other commodities, with radioactive, chemical and other harmful substances on the human body.
Second beautiful, striped design, up to tens of thousands of varieties of pictures, large optional space.
The third light, inherited the original daylighting glass roof, lighting can greatly improve the lack of shortcomings of indoor space.  So that the more warm home harmony.
The fourth technology, different technologies to make a divergent role, to make a rich and realistic role.
The fifth role, a piece of Chinese glass from the front, next to the look, the back can see different effects.  Painted Glass dome
Sixth uniqueness, each piece of merchandise is unique, handmade finished products, even with the same product, has been processed, there are 100% difference, which makes Chinese glass more and more has a collection of.  Seventh convenience of cleaning, unlike other products require special products to wipe, just a rag immediately rubbed a new light.  Eighth permanent as new, due to the particularity of Chinese glass to make it in use 10 years, 20 years later is still able to buy as the first time so dazzling.


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