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Brief introduction of art glass and colored glass


Brief introduction of art glass and colored glass

At present, there are many kinds of art glass in the market. Many glass products look similar on the surface. Many customers do not necessarily understand the characteristics of various types of glass like glass manufacturers and professional glass dealers, including many professional glass dealers who do not know much about the company’s production“Church glass””Colored glass”, “inlaid glass” and other art glass.Therefore, there are some misunderstandings in some new customers, and the prices of different art glass are quite different due to different technology and raw materials.

Glass art is a multi-disciplinary handicraft, which includes cold glass art and hot glass art.The art of cold glass is made by secondary processing on the original piece of glass, such as sand carving glassPainted glassGlass, vertical line color crystal glass, carved glass, etc.Hot glass is formed by furnace heating, and the firing temperature is above 590 ℃, such as hot-melt glass, lamp glass, die-casting glass, dewaxing casting glass (glass) and blown glass.
Art glass, English Name: art glass.In a broad sense, the glass is processed on the glass material with artistic methods. Through carving, lining, color polycrystalline, milky jade, concave mask, physical ice storm, grinding emulsification, hot melting, patch and other combination forms, the glass has various effects such as pattern, color, pattern and shape, giving people a beautiful feeling.Now the word “art glass” is widely used in building materials decoration in the industry and society. It is more popular to make patterns on flat glass, and of course there are others.The artistic techniques are as follows: light inlay, carving, sand carving, Lixian, color polycrystalline, milk Jade, concave mask, physical ice storm, grinding sand emulsification, hot melting, and so on.
The price range of glass is from 20 yuan to 1 mm, which can be made from 20 yuan to 1 mm.Area range: 0-unlimited m2.Application scope: engineering decoration, outdoor decoration, home decoration, etc.The most basic one should be frosted glass, which is to grind the pattern on white glass with sand blasting gun, which is of lower grade.The biggest drawback is that the frosted part is easy to dirty, and can not be cleaned, very ugly, cheap.Basic elimination.

Crystal clear church glass, colored glass, painted glass, no metal material of cold, nor heavy traditional decoration, transparent and exquisite, light and lively, full of life, in the quiet life harbor, create a series of soul to heart unique scenery, become the new favorite of the young people, create an unparalleled sense of transparency with colored glass,Beautiful decorative effect, based on a long history, has gradually become a special art category. At present, it is more and more accepted by the domestic architectural decoration industry. It appears in churches, hotels, hotels, clubs, villas, cafes, apartments, shops, windows, curtain walls, murals, partitions, as well as lampshades and light boxes, forming a strong color of Oriental Paris!

At present, most of the glass ornaments are made by hand, which is a good process for designers to make glass ornaments.

It is the unique effect of art glass in space decoration that has conquered the hearts of many designers and won the favor of consumers.Art glass almost everywhere in the interior space, has become a very popular decorative element in interior design.

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