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Sinlong brand story:

When the girl was in childhood, her father always told her the story about Confucius ”don’t deceive yourself and don’t deceive others” and Mencius ”honesty is the way of nature, seeking honesty is the way of human being”. So honesty was planted deeply in her heart since that. Father said: honesty as if soil, an acre of heart soil, fed a number of young seedling with nutricious food and made them blossom beautiful flowers, honesty also as if water, fed all kinds of nature lives, moistened small trees to grow up their stems and leaves…….

After years gone by and years cultivation, the young girl grew up and started her business tour.

That year, the girl loved quietly to listen to all kinds of unknown sound and see flowing water and mountain, dripping came in an easy heroism, looking at thousands of years butterfly, crossed the old door sill, slightly danced at the eighteen miles resting station.

Through the whole journey, trials and hardships. There was sadness and move, there was tears and happiness, there was plaint and nostalgic, smiled, pained and wronged, when looking back on the past roads, she stayed true to the mission and kept smiling as she had her poem and far place in her heart.

Slowly, she has become matured.

There was one year in Spring, a seed from her deep heart sprouted. Credit means honesty, the way for business prosperous, therefore, a brand of Sinlong was born.

Sinlong’s name had its special meaning, Sinlong in Chinese pronounciation is ”Xinlong”, ”Xin” means ”credit”, ”Long” means ” prosperous”, because of “credit”, so business will be “prosperous”. Although there are differences between Chinese and western cultures, the value of credit on business is the same.

Honesty is in the heart, we grew up as honesty was exerted in the business. If expanding honesty to the sky and ground 4 squares and 8 corners and four seas, the business may become prosperous as if the big power of 5 famous mountains shocking and hundreds of rivers roaring, customers may come from all over of the world.

After years struggles and efforts, Sinlong slowly went to internationalization.

The growing Sinlong was derived the benefit from honesty, while more felt it needed the art of sublimation, so we became a group of honest art explorers, we are using the strokes with the integration of all spirits and creating unbelievable instants of beauty.

A deep night waked up with a start, staying in front of every window outside with many weak blossoming flowers, communicated with the art, self thinking the premier perception, it isolated the world’s confusion and enthusiasm, like the water grass living in the clear brook, no need to understand what is house and trees, what is soil and human beings.

The art we talked about, the art we thought, the art we loved, it is actually yourself to be spotlessly clean whole of yourself mind and body, let yourself feel the air when it is breathing.

So, Sinlong, produce art only became my whole life pursuit.

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