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Armored glass to glass edging, clean, depositing request 


Armored glass to glass edging, clean, depositing request 

First, edging processing request

1.because glass in cutting time can form the micro crack in the glass edge.If does not carry on the polish to the glass edge in the situation, after the steel process or steel processing, these checking grain can extend the fill-out, finally creates the entire piece glass breakage.Therefore regarding wants the steel the glass certainly to have to carry on edging processing, the edging processing quality can affect the armored glass directly the rate of finished products and the surface quality. all should carry on in front of the steel with the outward appearance performance test, the general edging method has, the emery guides bank or ridge between fields, the flat stone mill, the cone crusher, the polishing correct grinding and so on, Bolivia before the steel processing its side worst chamfer should be bigger than 0.2mm, may the better steel craft adjustment, guarantee the armored glass end product quality in light of this.

Second, clean processing request

  1. before steel processing, should correspond the glass to carry on the clean to air-dry, prevented the adsorption glass glass surface or pollute the toughening furnace the dust either other foreign matter agglutination to the glass on;
  2. glass prototypes clean when uses the glass special-purpose clearer generally, usually is rolls the hair brush and the wind knife structure clearer quite is commonly used, regarding cleans the LOW-E coating glass, needs to use the soft hair brush and the pure water, prevented the membrane surface appears scratches.
  1. should pay attention regarding the edging segment and the clearer direct docking segment prevented the glass dust pollution clearer, the key sprays the system and the maintenance routine clearer is essential.
  2. some glass clean complete have not been able to carry on steel processing directly, also the depositing environment quite is bad, can create the glass to be mildewy, the mildew spot should carry on processing in front of the steel, after otherwise the steel, the glass surface layer becomes tightly sends, can increase the elimination difficulty.

Third, glass depositing request

  1. completes steel processing as soon as possible after the edging and the clean glass request, after requests the clean glass depositing not to have generally to surpass 24H.The depositing environment must clean, dry, avoid the glass surface appearing the moisture and the dust.
  2. off-line LOW-E glass depositing must pay attention to the protection, essential time needs to carry on the film wrapper and to come to pay tribute the drying agent.



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