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Armored glass development history


Armored glass development history

The armored glass development may trace at first to the 17th century intermediate stages, some is called Robert’s the Lai cushion country prince, has done an interesting experiment, he places drop of fusing vitreous humor in the ice-cold water, finally has made one kind of extremely hard glass.This kind of high strength granulated glass on the waterdrop, tows likely has the length and the curving tail, is called “the Robert prince granulose”.But when the granulose tail receives curving breaks off, sound queer is the entire granulose therefore fiercely collapses suddenly, even has become the fine dust. The above method, looks like the metal very much quenching, but this is glass quenching.This kind of quenching has not caused the glass the ingredient to have any change, therefore also calls it is physical quenching (physical tempered), therefore the armored glass is called tempered glass, also is called the quenching glass.

 The glass steel first patent had the French in 1874 to obtain, the steel method was heats up the glass after the close softening point, immediately invested in a temperature relatively low liquid trough, caused the surface stress enhancement. This method is the early liquid steel method.Germany’s Frederick Siemens obtained a patent in 1875, American Massachusetts state Geovge E.Rogens applies in 1876 the steel method in the glass wine class and the lamp post.In the same year, New Jersey state HughO’ heill has obtained a patent.

  The 20th century 30’s, France’s saint elder brother this company and US’s Outstanding the Pu lux company, as well as England’s Pilkington company all starts produces the supplies automobile to do keeps out the wind with the big area dull armored glass.Japan one after another has also carried on the armored glass industrial production in the 20th century 30’s.From this time on the world started the large scale production armored glass time.

  After 1970, England’s Triplex Corporation is the 0.75~1.5mm glass obtains successfully with the liquid medium steel thickness, finished the physical steel not to be able the steel dilution glass history, this is an armored glass technology significant breakthrough.

  China’s armored glass history began in at first in 1955, had Shanghai Yao China Glass factory to start to trial produce, in 1958 the Qinhuangdao Steel Glass factory trial production was successful.In 1965 Qinhangdao Yao China Glass factory started to produce the war industry with the armored glass, 20th century 70’s Luoyang Glass factory first has introduced the Belgian steel equipment.Same time Shenyang Glass factory chemistry armored glass investment production.

 The 20th century 70’s started the armored glass technology to obtain the comprehensive promotion and the popularization in the worldwide scale, the armored glass in domains and so on automobile, building, aviation, electron starts to use, especially developed quickly in the construction and the automobile aspect.

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