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Armored glass breakage reason and solution


Armored glass breakage reason and solution

 The glass in carries on in the steel, the glass bursts the phenomenon can appear, in the time mainly possibly appears the breakage the stage summary to divide into has 4 stages;

First stage – – glass heating phase

Second stage – – quenching cooling period

After the third stage – – steel completes the long time stage

First stage glass breakage

Glass breakage reason:

1.  In the glass includes the stone and the air bubble and so on the serious quality flaw

2.  Glass substrate itself has the small crack

3.  Nearby the glass a processing is not full

4.  The glass thermal shock performance increases along with the glass thickness is weaken

5.  In the heating furnace stove about the glass the temperature imbalanced glass curving and creates mechanicalness breakage

6.  Glass itself already carried on the steel or half steel processing


1.  Uses high quality floats the law glass qualified and carries on the examination and the experiment

2.  Enters in front of the toughening furnace to be supposed to inspect the glass substrate to be possible carefully the suitable secondary light source

3.  Carries on to the edging quality controls (side for processing not to be possible steel)

  4.    The reasonable adjustment stove temperature and the convection size avoid the plate glass surface and the interior form the great temperature difference to cause the glass-furnace implosion

5.  About the balance the furnace temperature and the convection size avoid the glass in the stove the oversized distortion

6.  The steel or half armored glass remelts to operate is the risk extremely high breakage risk, because remelts the glass itself affirmation existence quality flaw.

Second step quench (steel) stage

Glass breakage reason:

1.  The glass enters the quenched stage 1 minute in glass to burst, the reason glass itself temperature has not been able to achieve may the steel temperature

2.  About the glass the temperature spread is big, glass distortion mechanicalness breakage

3.  The hole, lacks, the substrate has the non-standard request and the quality flaw

4.  The partial wind hole leaves the wind to be blocked, causes the glass each region tensile stress to be non-uniform

5.  The steel pressure too is big, causes the glass interior and the superficial temperature difference too is big

6.  After the steel completes, the cooling wind pressure oversized creates the glass temporary stress oversized to cause the breakage


1.  Adjustment furnace temperature or extension heating time

2.  Balanced furnace temperature appropriate readjustment convection and furnace temperature compensation

3.  Investigates rigorously the armored glass substrate quality, opens the hole to lack all must carry on according to the standard

4.  The periodic inspection cleaning up wind system is whether unobstructed

5.  According to different basic must carry on the first steel quality to examine and to record this steel craft

6.  Appropriate readjustment cooling wind pressure

After the third stage – – steel completes the long time stage

Glass breakage reason:

1.  To has not carried on the heating the glass to carry on the steel fully, the surface can deliver the crack

2.  In the glass nickel pyrite inclusion produces from explodes

3.  Nearby the glass or the glass scratch causes the final glass stress not to be balanced

4.  The glass installs the way not to be correct


1.  Full examination inspection steel end product quality

2.  Carries on isotropic processing through the hot dipping way to the glass to be possible to improve the glass from to explode greatly

3.  Raw material carries on according to the standard

4.  Uses correctly installs the method to carry on installs the steel armored glass

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