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Isn’t the window why sound-insulated, is glass itself creates?


Isn’t the window why sound-insulated, is glass itself creates?
How has to reduce in the room the noise, we must start from the source, also why is own family’s double glazing can sound-insulated not be good.The following mainly is to models the metal window, the aluminum alloy window research.
The quilt “cheats on labor and materials” double-glazed window
The commodity apartment so-called double glazing models the metal window all is a situation which the universal existence cheats on labor and materials, so long as the belt switch hinge basic is not good, because all seals all are conform to simplicity, no matter is the window and the wall joint, models the metal window combining site, on rollers window windowsill and the window frame union place, opens the window and the window frame union place these spot fitting evenly (block glue, dustproof brushes) all is quite preliminary, explained specifically for everybody.
The window service pattern, basically common is these kinds above, the right under angle sound-insulated effect compares other being friends with very obviously.
Glass manufacturer which treats
Populace’s erroneous zone: Everybody possibly can think is the double glazing is not good, not sound-insulated does not separate the vibration completely, but is in fact does not have the cat basically regarding that piece of window sash glass greasily, the glass is generally directly from the glass factory custom make, the overall dimension completely 5+10+5 vacuum double glazings, only must install to the factory, the windowpane is with the black sealant, that thing sincerity cannot be bad, cat greasy completely not on this spot.
Which does that money all from save gets down? Is not saves in models on the metal window frame material, the glass, all is saves in on the hardware, the components, the sealant.
On the rubber or plastic rings cat is greasy
In the ordinary circumstances that kind of small hair brush -like separates the wind sound-insulated effect to be weak, ash block glue that effect is better.This is just like the pressure cooker, has the rubber or plastic rings and the rubber or plastic rings pressure has not been dissimilar, but also has the refrigerator seal to have to go bad the refrigerator not to refrigerate, nature all almost.Moreover this spot was in the construction the universal card money place.
In construction question
Construction business in order to construct the progress, directly with inflates the bolt to fix the window on the wall, has abbreviated spots and so on foot, moreover the inflation rubber spray coating also can have some problems, for instance the inflation rubber buys inferior, spurts the colloid material too few compression gas too creates the packing percentage excessively to be low, for instance the inflation rubber does not hit the full and so on situation, moreover common was the window does has been small, after the window installed and between the wall opening crevice too has been big, not good sealed the situation with the inflation rubber.
Again some one kind of situation, is simply has not reserved the sealant in the cast-in-place window the position, made and the window directly fits together snugly or perfectly does not have the place to hit the inflation rubber, therefore caused the leak-proof quality badly, the water leakage, not sound-insulated and so on the questions.
Water very deep five Jin Hesu steel molding
In addition, the hardware also is a major problem.For instance a set of GB code’s hardware (including revolving clip male and female, inflates screw, foot, hard foot, wind hook, screw and so on) possible right and wrong GB code’s five times, if installs time again cheats on labor and materials, a leaf of window takes 10 to inflate the screw attire six not to be able to fall, very many concealed screws are not the expert person cannot know has the attire, this is a step which is noteworthy.

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